P.A.M.E.L.A. – Gorgeous First-Person Survival Horror Title Powered by Unity 5 - New Screenshots

NVYVE Studios has released a new set of screenshots for its upcoming first person survival horror game, P.A.M.E.L.A.

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Rimeskeem1096d ago

Man, the lighting is phenomenal!

Rimeskeem1096d ago

I feel like the lighting contributes a lot to how good the graphics are.

AndrewLB1096d ago

This was clearly inspired by Bioshock.

And it's a PC Exclusive.

Allsystemgamer1096d ago

I don't see bio shock at all. Not even remote.

Lamboomington1096d ago

I do believe they are implementing Unity's realtime Global Illumination solution, to some degree atleast.

3-4-51095d ago

Wow that lighting is awesome. Helps with the realism a ton.

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AnotherProGamer1096d ago

the art style and environment structure in this shot is very similar to Killzone Shadowfall

bondsmx1096d ago

First I've heard of this game was today. And it's on radar now. Looked great

poppinslops1096d ago

Same... the trailer (search 'P.A.M.E.L.A rebirth' on Youtube) seems like a more futuristic take on Bioshock - which works for me, since I loooved that series and I'm a sucker for sci-fi.

That said, there's no way my laptop's going to run it, so here's hoping for an xbox version... 2016's already chockers with good-looking sci-fi (Xcom, Deus Ex, Mirror's Edge, Quantum Break, the Solus Project, Tacoma and Mass Effect) but I'll take more if I can get it!

SolidGear31096d ago

I don't want this, I NEED it. Since I don't have a PC, hopefully it gets a PS4 port. Luckily the developer's page says after the PC version that they'll look into console and VR options.

FoxyGotGame1096d ago

Looks phenomenal, I wish I was into PC gaming...I'm too lazy /

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