Sony Exec On PS4 Overtaking PS2 Sales: We Are Doing Everything We Can To Make It Successful

Ever since the advent of the current generation console cycle, Sony has been on a roll with the PlayStation 4. Recent figures indicate that Sony have already shipped more than 25 million units in less than two years since the console launched back in November 2013.

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AizenSosuke1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

PS4 is the new PS2 or PS2 2.0 in terms of sales, games, and more and I am glad that Sony are doing there best to make it the best experince in general!

I also meant surpassing the PS2 in terms of sale.

TheGreatGamer1179d ago

Don't think it needs to be the 'ps2 2.0' the ps4 stands on its own feet and is a beast of a console

suckingeggs1179d ago

The diversity is there

The sales are there without the big guns

The big guns are coming next year

Gran turismo is in development

Just for Sony to want to match or beat ps2 sales is a good goal to want to achieve regardless if they succeed or not

MasterCornholio1179d ago

I dont believe many will complain if the PS4 is another PS2 if you know what i mean. What I really want to see is a high level of new IPs like what the PS2 had. That would be incredible to see. Im always in favor of new experiences.

1178d ago
MrSec841178d ago

Sony definitely has the new IPs in the works, the games are coming for sure, many exclusives, lots of awesome new 3rd party games, indies and things that are partial exclusive to drive the volume of quality titles up, so that's what really matters.
That is what's mainly going to drive the sales.

Clearly the community is buying the system because they like and the games on the platform.

I think it's on pace right now to do bigger numbers than PS2 did and Sony needs to continue building the diverse new experiences to appeal to more and more people than have ever gotten into Playstation before.

It's an awesome time to be a PS4 owner!

never4get1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

3 years old PS2 sold 12.5 million, while 2 years old PS4 sold less than 2 million. Japanese AAA future depends on PS4 Sales in Japan.

freshslicepizza1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

what has sony done in the last year that would support they are doing everything they can? we haven't seen an official price drop other than japan. we've seen some good games like bloodborne and smaller games like until dawn. but once again much like the ps43 delays upon delays.

morpheus is still a mystery about the price or release date. they did bring shareplay which is very impressive.

so yes they have done some good things but nothing that would really say they are doing everything. the fall line-up for example doesn't look especially spectacular for exclusives. what they should do is offer a price drop at the very least.

donthate1178d ago


Fortunately, I don't PS4 matching PS2 in sales is going to happen. The best market is what we have roughly now, with one selling slightly less than the other forcing competition. Just like previous generation.

The fact that Xbox One sells relatively well, means the 80-90% market domination like PS2 isn't going to happen with PS4.

I'm expecting this current generation to last no more than 5-6 years, and we are close a third of the way there. Combined with the completely lackluster sales in Japan, I think getting to that magical number is going to be very though!

DragonKnight1178d ago

@donthate: "with one selling slightly less than the other forcing competition."


indyman77771178d ago

Yeah the PS4 will stand on it's own reguardless. But at the same time, it will be the beat all! It has bested PS2 at every POINT! From month one to this day! When there is a many to one ratio of game coming out for the PS4 sales will go crazy! Remember PS4 is still the original launch price.

While on the other hand xbox one is 100$ less with a great racer included (forza) and a 1tb hard drive. And PS4 is dominating! And that my friends is in there back yard in the USA.

freshslicepizza1178d ago

"Fortunately, I don't PS4 matching PS2 in sales is going to happen. The best market is what we have roughly now, with one selling slightly less than the other forcing competition. Just like previous generation."

the ps4 is by all accounts doing much better than the xbox one and both the xbox one and ps4 are far outpacing the wii u. this generation looks like it will be a mixture of last generation and the one before that. the ps2 era dominated tot he point that both nintendo and microsoft pulled out rather early with just 20-30 million each while the ps2 went well above 100 million. last generation was a lot more even between the three. this generation looks like the ps4 will easily double the xbox one with the wii u lucky to break the 20 million mark.

so no i don't think the ps4 will dominate like the ps2 did but it is certainly in the lead and will by all likelihood stay there. you're probably looking at something along the lines of 80-90 million after 5 years for the ps4, 40-50 million for the xbox one and 15-20 million for the wii u.

cyber_daemonx1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

@moldy, downplaying as usual. ‘what they should do is offer a price drop at the very least'. Ridiculous. PS4 is selling like the proverbial hotcakes. A price drop is totally unnecessary except for maybe Japan as its not doing quite so stellar over there. As for rotw, PS4 is doing fine at its current price point. Tbh I'd say its a certain other brand of console that would benefit most from a price cut lol.

rainslacker1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )


That's some very selective facts to try and make a point. Not sure what that point is, but Japanese devs are killing it this gen IMO.


They're releasing games. Not sure what more they need to do since it's actually selling. If this were a Vita article, I could agree with you. Price drops are not common in the first 2 years of a console life. Last gen there wasn't an official price drop on the PS3 in the first two years, just a discontinuation of the launch models, and a replacement SKU with less features, which caused a drop in price, not unlike the removal of the Kinect this gen for X1...with subsequent price drop. I imagine the PS4 price drop will come right before the holidays to spur sales over those months.


I don't think it's going to happen either unless the PS4 stays on the market well into next gen. PS2 was only discontinued a year before this gen started, and a good number of it's sales came after last gen started.

I also agree that the market share likely won't match the PS2's levels, but be careful about when you pull out your shovel to start moving goal posts. Us Sony fans can just as easily say that MS lost a ton of Market share this gen. Kudo's on actually using Market share terminology correctly though.

And I also expect this gen proper to only last 5-6 years, but not sure how long the PS4 will stick around after the next gen starts. Sales in Japan will likely pick up over time when the big JRPG's start coming out, and it only takes one major game to turn the tides on that. Just the announcement of FF7:R caused a surge in PS4 sales that week.

@moldy again

Depends on the definition of dominate. If the PS2 is outselling competition 2:1, that's pretty much domination in the gaming market. Doesn't mean that the competition is doing poorly, just that the PS4 is doing better.

I doubt we'll see the gen be all about PS, with the others around for those that like access to all the games, or just stick to one system for one reason or another, but if things keep the same track as now, it would be hard to argue that PS4 didn't dominate. MS itself is doing quite well to change the Xbox image into being something more for the gamers, and less for MS.

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subtenko1179d ago

PS4's success is so crazy good! Very impressive and Im proud to have been a PlayStation Gamer since PS1! Sony has done a great thing and brought so many people together. World would be abit different if they didn't make PlayStation!

Bigpappy1178d ago

Lack of casual content says otherwise. PS to had lots of casual and children friendly content. PS4 has a long way to go in that regard

zeuanimals1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Tell me, what "casual" content are you talking about? Because the 6th and 7th gen's casual content was mainly sports games, shooters, and GTA. The PS4 has every non-Xbox exclusive shooter, sports games, and GTAV. That's all it needs to capture casuals in terms of games.

Children friendly content? I agree, I want my PS1 and PS2 mascot platformers back. The difference in recent years is that GTA, COD, and Minecraft are the most popular games among kids, so child friendly content (aside from Minecraft) doesn't even matter since kids aren't even asking for those games. It's actually the adults that grew up with them that want them to come back.

Gamble201178d ago

I disagree with the premise there is not enough family friendly content. Look at all of the free games with PS Plus. Almost every single month you get at least one family friendly game. There are plenty of them. The difference is that what constitutes a fun game has changed. We aren't as easily entertained by platformers anymore. And the good AAA talent that developed them in the past has thus moved on to make different genres.

twiggytree121178d ago

Little Big Planet 3, Tearaway Unfolded, Knack, Resogun, Rocket League etc. are all great for lower age/skill levels. Not to mention the wealth of lego games that are available as well as games like Disney Infinity. You are very misinformed..

Irishguy951178d ago


Sports game, shooters and GTA....are not strictly 'casual'. Theres a much broader 'true' casual market. The same one the Wii took by force. The same one the smartphones are taking now

skratchy1178d ago

Really? Then actually check out the plethora of Indies the PS4 has to offer, rather than making fun of them, and you'll find that the PS4 has a huge variety of games.

zeuanimals1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )


No, those games are not "strictly casual", but they are the biggest games to draw casual audiences. Just like there's a nerdy side to Star Wars where people are extremely knowledgeable about the lore and universe, go cosplaying with expensive and complex costumes, collect figures, etc., Star Wars also happens to draw massive crowds of literally everyone else as well simply from being entertaining.

And the topic was "PS to (I'm assuming he's saying PS2 or just PS) had lots of casual and children friendly content. PS4 has a long way to go in that regard". You brought up the Wii which was vastly different than the PS2 and original PS in both what types of games there were, how to play them, and how they became successful. I mean, you can try to point to the PS2's version of Wii Sports that made it popular but it doesn't exist.

It's been pretty well discussed that the Wii was an anomaly that captured a very special group of casuals, a group that has never really been into gaming and only got into the Wii craze because of word of mouth and Oprah. Senior citizens bought the Wii for their own gaming enjoyment... That was pretty much unheard of before the Wii.

rainslacker1178d ago

It has just dance and SingStar. Those were the two biggest casual games of last gen besides Wii Sports. It has plenty of family friendly content, we just don't see it around here much because we don't really care about it.

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Blaze9291178d ago

"PS4 is the new PS2 or PS2 2.0 in terms of sales, games, and more"

not, even bro.

donthate1178d ago

There is no point in arguing about that. This site is infested with fanboys. It's like talking to a wall.

It is not even close, but I believe the market is really good right now.

Retroman1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

@ Sosuke

ps4 may surpassed ps2 in sales but not surpass in VARIETY in games 95% of ps4 games design to be open world military style gaming or open world RPG or open world zombie gaming . ps2 had more genre than that , matter of fact ps2 had games fit everyone taste . ps4 has select handful games of ol skool style

Mortal Kombat X , Street Fighter V, new Marvel vs. Capcom 4 in the works , Fighting King coming 2016 whats left?? R&C, NFS and GT7, Driveclub,Project cars , Knack .
10 non military style titles not worth paying 400.00 for a console.... by 2017 maybe ps4 be 250.00 still millions of ps3 gamers still on the fence (including myself ) hoping to see a title WE! gotta have to jump off the wait game fence . ps4 need more VARIETY , more Selection to hook us im sorry but military style ,zombie games will not do it for us.

mixelon1178d ago

Lol what. I have a lot of games on my PS4 and I'm trying to think of a single one that fits the description of military style / zombie games.

Not seeing it.

rainslacker1178d ago


Closest ones I can think of for Zombie are TLOU:R and The Walking Dead from Telltale. Only military type game I have is MGSV. Such terrible variety there huh?

The other 30 titles I have range from JRPG, Open world adventure, Visual novels, fighters, Racing, and platform. I have not had any trouble finding any variety.

I actually think the variety in games has surpassed the PS2's in the same time frame, because the first two years of the PS2 weren't terribly amazing.

GT67 should really start doing some perusing of Amazon to see what games are actually available on the PS4. It has more variety than any other current gen console so far.

miyamoto1178d ago

Wanna know the reason behind the phenomenal popularity of the PlaySaviour 4 that Sony can not explain?

Which group of gamers have the most numbers outside the hardcore console hobby gamers?

You are right. The new generation of the PlayStation Nation!

The millions of casual gamers that got introduced to mobile gaming 5 years ago have gotten older and now wants a deeper gaming experience and the PS4 got the perfect timing to release. Yes even the young Wii gamers are stoked for the PS4.

The PS4 is also riding the wave of hugely popular YouTube Let's Players playing PS4 games like Until Dawn.

PS4 has became the new darling of casual gamers (since the Wii) without trying to be casual and still retain its hardcore gaming community.

Two birds in one stone.

Tzuno1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

PS4 might surpass PS2 in sales someday but it has a long road to surpass PS2 in games, PS2 has a huge library and very good one something i cannot tell about PS4 yet, shall i mention PS2 rpg's? that's what i thought.

iTechHeads1178d ago

I think they need be more competitive in terms of price.
They've got some really good deals and bundles this month but a flat-out price cut will bring in many who are on the fence. It will also force Microsoft to react so its good for everyone. Competition is good.

Bewareofsasquatchh1178d ago

in terms of sales yeah but games lol no at this point of the ps2's lifecycle there were plenty of great AAA games that appealed to everyone right now on ps4 the exclusives have been lacking ,only "good" game is bloodbourne which doesnt really appeal to everyone and the rest are just remasters and indie games....

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johndoe112111179d ago

I'm not to sure if it would outsell the ps2 but DAMN, what I would give to see that. That would be the equivalent of seeing justin beiber get punched in the face, no words can describe the euphoria that would be felt.

AizenSosuke1179d ago

Yeah I agree and that punch though went I saw that(Insert meme/gif/reference/Jokes).

Eidolon1179d ago

As long as sales translates to improving Playstation.

TheDrunkenJester1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

I don't understand why people care if it outsells the PS2... Why would that of all things give you euphoria? It's just sales numbers that Sony really should only care about. As long as they use these great sales to move the product further with updates and new games, then by all means sell away, but I could give two craps if Sony sells 200mil units or 30mil as long as they keep bringing good games and features.

hkgamer1178d ago

well if it sold 30mil and xbone sold 100mil, then xbone will probably get more exclusives.

more consoles you sold, the more games you can make and you could afford to fund games that you didnt want to before because of risks.

TheDrunkenJester1178d ago

hkgamer* I realize that, but caring about a milestone or a sales figure shouldn't matter to you as long as you're getting games. Xbone has hardly the sales of PS4 and they have had and are still going to have great games coming out... PS4 has way more sales and they aren't pumping out a ton of AAA exclusives yet, they have had their favorites and some new IP's but just because they have sold way more consoles wont make them start pumping out AAA games one after the other...

IamTylerDurden11178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Success breeds success, look at all the megaton announcements at Sony's e3 this year. The more success a console has the more support it will get, the more exclusivity it will get, the more games and new ip it will get. Better sales translates to more games and in many cases better games bc companies are more willing to invest and to take risks.

Huge sales = more games = happier customers.

@ drunkjester #2.3.2

You are wrong, all the AAA exclusives that have released were in development before the PS4 was a massive sales success. This years incredible e3 was really a result of the success of the PS4.

You asked where the AAA games on PS4 are? You claim they won't just start pumping out AAA exclusives one after another, but they will. 2016 will see the PS4 pumping out big exclusive after big exclusive from Uncharted 4 to Horizon Zero Dawn, Ratchet & Clank, Street Fighter V, The Last Guardian, Dreams, Hellblade, No Man's Sky, Gravity Rush 2, Dragon Quest XI, and possibly Gran Turismo 7. Slightly smaller games like Edith Finch, Wild, The Witness and unannounced games from Bend and Quantic Dream are expected to release in 2016 as well. Here we are finally starting to see the fruits of the PS4's labor.

Surely the success of the PS4 has energized the development of PlayStation VR as well. 2016 and 2017 are infinitely more impressive looking for PS4 and it's due in large part to the incredible sales.

TheDrunkenJester1178d ago

IamTylerDurden1* I'm sorry, but what megaton announcements? FF remake, that won't be released until late 2017 or even 2018. The Last Gaurdian which was just a revival of a game I was hoping to play on PS3. Shenmue and Horizon were the only games that I was generally shocked and excited for, so hardly a "megaton" of announcements.

Exclusivity does not happen because a console is more popular... it happens because the companies invest their money in studios to make exclusive games for their console. Devs aren't just running to Sony saying "here, take my game please! Make it an exclusive because the PS4 is sooooo bad ass".... it's not how it works bud.

1178d ago
UltraNova1178d ago

Simple, people love seeing records being broken, especially long standing ones it gives them reason to start a debate, which in our online social times its what people crave for, motive for posting online.

TheDrunkenJester1178d ago

IamTylerDurden1* Most of the games we are seeing in 2016 have been in development wayyyy before PS4's initial success, that's because Sony has a huge back log of studios that are working on games for them. Yes maybe some 3rd party deals are due to PS4's success, but most of all it's the money that talks. Why do you think Microsoft got Tomb Raider and the EA Access? Sony said no to both of them and Microsoft then stepped up and paid the money they wanted.

I never asked where are the AAA exclusives, I never once hinted that they don't have games coming, all I'm saying is just because they are selling well doesn't mean they are just going to start releasing AAA games left and right, the games still have to be smart and a good money making idea, they aren't just going to start producing any game idea. Most of those 2016 AAA titles you mentioned have been in development before the PS4 was released like I mentioned in the first paragraph.

*Mixdup Thank you for actually understanding what my initial statement actually was, and not jumping on the whole "oh he said something not positive about PS4 he must be a fanboy" bullshit...

*moldybread And thank you for realizing that just because I can criticize something about the PS4 or some people in general doesn't make me a xbox fanboy at all...

Freaking PS4 fans on this site are savage, you can't criticize anything without being yelled at haha

rainslacker1178d ago

I personally don't care if it outsells or not. But it would be nice when all is said and done if we don't have to listen to a decade worth of some people trying to say it failed because it didn't sell as much as the PS2.

I'm not worried about lack of support due to sales, because the PS4 has already secured support for the generation unless the sales dive off a cliff soon.

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DanteVFenris6661178d ago

Is jb even in the spotlight anymore? Thought he was old news like most celebs.

Thought no idea why punching a person to which you have no relation with would make you feel better.

johndoe112111178d ago


"I don't understand why people care if it outsells the PS2... Why would that of all things give you euphoria? IT'S JUST SALES NUMBERS THAT SONY REALLY SHOULD ONLY CARE ABOUT."


You just contradicted yourself in the same statement. It seems you just need to argue for the sake of arguing. Your argument makes less sense than a drunk kanye west.


Little confused as to your interest in what would or would not make me feel better.

TheDrunkenJester1178d ago

Yeah, but I didn't contradict myself. I said that as long as they use the great sales to keep making games then sell away, at no point does that contradict my views on why people would feel euphoria about a console outselling another older console...

freshslicepizza1178d ago

johndoe11211, the only console i still have hooked up to my tv is a ps3 but most of my gaming is on the pc. it's amazing how anyone who questions sony's biggest fans are always labeled the polar opposite, a huge xbox fan.

sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there is more to gaming than just xbox versus playstation. like i said, be careful what you ask for because the last time we saw world domination sony's follow up was not what developers wanted and the price was not what gamers wanted. the time before that nintendo was the ruler and we all know how they treated anyone outside of nintendo back then.

freshslicepizza1178d ago

"I'm not to sure if it would outsell the ps2 but DAMN, what I would give to see that. That would be the equivalent of seeing justin beiber get punched in the face, no words can describe the euphoria that would be felt."

it's clear you care more about the game of winning over the competition than winning with your own enjoyment of the console itself.

be careful what you ask for, the last time this happened sony followed up with a $600 game console that many developers didn't enjoy working on.

johndoe112111178d ago

Get the heck outta here with that BS. At no point was the xbox or wii mentioned in my post. I was talking about being excited to see it outsell the ps2, and as far as I know the ps2 was made by Sony. If you're feeling insecure about the brand of your choice then that's your problem, don't be coming here and putting words in my mouth. You need to get your head examined.

Also, since when is it a bad thing to want to see your preferred console be the best selling console? Just because I would like to see that means I care more about winning? As human beings we always look forward to seeing records broken. Obviously you haven't gotten your dose of Phil Spencer articles today and it seems to be affecting your ability to think and reason straight. You could probably go sit in a corner and rub your xbox for a couple minutes, you'll feel better.

TwoForce1178d ago

@moldybread and @TheDrukenJester Both of you are c***slap.

Spotie1178d ago

Since when is the PS4 competing against the PS2 on the market, moldy?

Last time what happened? The last time something outsold the PS2? What happened the last time that happened?

Can you just do everybody a favor and stay out of PlayStation articles? The ONLY thing you do is spread negativity.

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Godmars2901179d ago

I doubt its going to happen. The PS2 just too many instances of opportunity, namely DVD becoming a thing, that the PS4 can't hope to match.

Then again, depending on how the general market adopts it, VR could give it a chance. What with Sony including movie and TV studios they could offer shows that could make the PSVR, and the PS4 by default, a hot item.

q8kik1179d ago

You could also add the simple fact that gamers increased in numbers so

Davi1231178d ago

And now China is a open market to consoles.

S2Killinit1178d ago

and a fine job you're doing. To be fair, I don't think the success of the PS4 is unrelated to the success of the PS2. I think the reason people buy Playstations, is because of the years of dedicated catering to the gaming community. When I buy a Playstation, I KNOW that I will get years of use out of it. That, I think, is the reason why i believe its a mistake to assume the success of each console is solely based on recent events.

hkgamer1178d ago

im not sure if i am a sony fanboy or mot, but i never really liked playing on other consoles or pc.

Genuine-User1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Good on them for aiming so high. I don't think they'll surpass PS2 but PS3 is most definitely a possibility.