PS4 Exclusive The Tomorrow Children: Director Talks Graphics, Gameplay, Tech and Working in Japan

The Tomorrow Children is definitely an unique title. It’s so unique that it’s even difficult to fit it into a specific genre, but that’s definitely one of its charms.

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MysticStrummer1099d ago

When can I play it, dammit? I want...

Abriael1099d ago

Beta is coming soon, luckily :D

freshslicepizza1099d ago

looks very good but is this another game pushed to 2016?

jon_snow1099d ago

This Game is Gonna surprise many people and gonna be a hit; mark my word.
Love the Unique art style.

TomatoDragon1099d ago

Wish we had a release date. The alpha was great.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1099d ago

Yeah but when is it coming out? I think it was delayed, they never gave a solid release date but they had hinted it was coming out sooner and now we're probably looking at next year.

WhiteScythe1099d ago

Definitely want to get this whenever it comes out. such a unique title. i'm always a sucker for creativity.

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