Assassin's Creed Syndicate's Jacob and Evie May Be Series' Best Heroes Yet


"Assassin's Creed Syndicate features Jacob and Evie Frye as the main protagonists. We traveled to Ubisoft's Quebec studios to take an in depth look at how these characters were brought to life."

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trywizardo1098d ago

I seriously doubt that anyone will surpass Ezio

Mikelarry1098d ago

I logged in just to say exactly this, none have and ever will surpass Ezio

goldwyncq1098d ago

It's that kind of thinking that deters Ubisoft from even trying.

skulz71098d ago

Edward was awesome too.

WellyUK1098d ago

Altair already does for me.

trywizardo1098d ago

gold , look we hope that the new characters is as good as Ezio or even better , but its really hard to top him
and to say the truth the character lines in syndicate are a bit cheezy (talks like sherlock holmes I guess)

LegoIsAwesome1097d ago

Ezio, Edward and Arno for me. But no one will surpass the awesomeness of Ezio.

Dreaming here of a Assassins Creed II Remake.

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-Foxtrot1098d ago

Jacob seems bland as hell.

I think Evie should have been the only main character in this but you know what Ubisoft are like. They have to do something like this to make the new game feel more different and fresh.

d_g1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

Ezio And Altaïr will always be the best in the Series

Braid1098d ago

I highly doubt that. Anyone except Altair and Ezio were not worth my interest in the series and it feels like it just keep getting worse.

Takwin1098d ago

I had forgotten about this game. I've got over 15 games preordered on PS4, Wii U, PC, and 3DS and none of them are from Ubisoft, EA, or Activision.

I will get it eventually unless it is a total failure, and I bet it is a shiner, slightly more fun game than the last one. That's worth getting it for $30, beating it, and selling it on eBay for $25.

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