How Konami Just Nuked Half the Gaming Population

If Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's secret ending relies on the multiplayer, it's the stupidest idea ever.

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SaveFerris1180d ago

I haven't started the game yet, but if true, I guess it means no secret ending for me. Hopefully it doesn't become a trend. The single player campaign should be entirely separate from any multiplayer component.

loganbdh1180d ago

Another opinionated click-bait article that could sway the masses into playing or not playing a game...this is what ruins the industry.

KwietStorm1180d ago

I don't understand all this cut content and secret ending business after. The story takes place before Metal Gear Solid. Obviously the story for Phantom Pain would be unique in it's own right, but there shouldn't be secrets at this point.

Artemidorus1180d ago

Only done 10 missions and loads of side missions. The gameplay and building an army is fun but the story and thw MGS feel have been sidelined in this.

Should of provided solid moments of a decent story and build an army on the side...

Mikeyy1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

Most the story is in the tapes, listen to the tapes! plus its the communities fault. Everybody complained about MGS4 having 40 hours of cut scenes, so Kojima went a different route.

Artemidorus1179d ago

I do listen to them on the chopper and building my army.

Still doesn't have the magic other MGS carry but I would still advise people to try this game.

flyingwombat331180d ago

I may agree with this article if the bonus cutscene actually felt like an ending, but it doesn't. Its just a cutscene that acknowledges something you did in the multiplayer, it has zero actual impact on the lore and is technically not cannon since in MGS1 they explicitly reference nuclear proliferation in the 80s. Its not another ending, it just isn't.

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