MGSV's Struggle to Profit Shows Why Konami is Moving Away From AAA Development

GameRevolution: "Since Konami began shifting away from AAA game development, many gamers have been in uproar. The publisher once known for its extensive gamer-centric line-up redirected its attention toward mobile gaming, leaving behind dozens of great IPs and an unfinished release of its last big project, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Even with months having passed, many gamers struggle to understand what Konami is doing. It's only when you look at the trends and numbers that the unfortunate sequence of events begins to make sense."

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MysticStrummer1152d ago

It had a huge budget and has gotten about halfway to break even in about three weeks. I'm pretty sure the game will be available for purchase through Christmas and beyond...

JonnyBigBoss1152d ago

Hopefully it makes a big profit and shows Konami that it's worth the time and effort to make great AAA games.

TheCommentator1151d ago

The Fox Engine was part of MGSV's development cost too, which means other Konami titles will benefit from the tech as well. These other titles will enjoy reduced development costs and save Konami more in the long run.

freshslicepizza1151d ago

lots of studios lose money and end up closing or moving on to something else like mobile gaming. yet we hear all the time how mobile gaming is stupid they can't figure why they would support it.

i guess it's very easy to call them out on it when you're sitting at home and not the one investing millions of dollars.