Destiny: The Taken King – Quick and Easy Exotic Farming Method

In Destiny there is nothing more important than having the right gear and for many that means having the right exotics. With unique abilities, special perks and game changing elements, many of them were deemed essential or were at least highly desired in a number of different tasks. The only downside is that you had to be lucky enough to obtain them all through things like Xur, engrams, raids and nightfalls. One of the many changes in The Taken King makes exotics a little more common, but thanks to how Destiny handles enemy tiers, you can actually farm them with relative ease.

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ninsigma1176d ago

This has worked for people in my clan. Unfortunately I could only afford one stack so I didn't get anything (sad face).
Question: considering it's stacked and that I used 5 coins and didn't get any exotics, will the effect still be in place and the next time I do it the new coins will stack on to what's already there??

Benchm4rk1176d ago

No they wont. Once you kill a boss the coin buff disappears. I did this method 2 nights ago. I used 49 coins all up and out of that I got 10 exotic engrams.

ninsigma1176d ago

I don't mean the buff, I mean the stack. The article says that if you use a coin to bring you to 10% and get nothing then use another that it will stack onto the last and you'll have a 20% chance (example, not real numbers) of getting an exotic as long as you have the coin activated. I'm wondering will the stack still be in place next time I use a 3 of coin??

Benchm4rk1176d ago

Oh i see. I believe it should then by what the article states. During my 49 coin farm there was times i used 7 or 8 coins and got nothing but then id get 2 really close together. I got an average of 2 per 10 coins and a few friends of mine have said they got similar drop rates while someone else i know got 7 out of 20 coins.

ninsigma1176d ago

Cool thanks :)
I'm jealous that you could afford 49 three of coins xD
Right now I could only afford 15, hopefully that will go up by Friday :p

thekhurg1176d ago

This is a terrible guide. All you have to do is farm the taken world bosses on Mars. They have higher exotic drop rates than wasting your time on this terrible low level quest with subpar drop rates.

We average an exotic rune every two kills with coins. Occasionally it takes three kills and in exceptionally rare and unlucky streaks we have gone to a fourth kill before an exotic pops that only happened once to each us over the weekend until yesterday. Either way, drop rate is substantially better than the idea in this article.

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fOrlOnhOpe571176d ago

I tried it and ran through 5 x 3 coins and got Nada.

joab7771176d ago

This is terrible. One of the issues I had b4 is that exotics were too common. I realize Destiny doesn't have an economy, but what's the point if in a short time, everyone has the same things. I loved having the gjallahorn and Ice Breaker. My friend had the Mythoclast.

It's a terrible thing for its longevity that the only thing that spares players are rolls. Exotic should be just that, exotic, and to offer an alternative to rng, xur can sell them, but the cost should be very high, forcing us to choose and sacrifice.

NewMonday1176d ago

many exotics are locked away and will not be in those engrams, especially armor, happens to me and a friend, you just get the same things over and over. only realized this after burning hundreds of strange coins, now I'm saving up my 150 three of coins.

CitizenFour1176d ago

Had this same issue.. used about half my coins and ended up with 11 exotics. 3 of them were all the same chest piece though.. still got a couple sick weapons though, but going to save the rest of my coins in case xur has something epic for sale.

CrunchyToadRoll1175d ago

Bungie confirmed that there is only a hand full of the year two exotics locked up in those engram drops. So farming is effectively useless. You'll only get a certain set of items time and time again