Need For Speed - New Screenshots Show Off All Available Cars

Electronic Arts and Ghost Games have released a huge number of screenshots, showcasing all the available cars in Need For Speed. Players will be able to choose from 26 cars.

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Cobain191059d ago

So 26 cars available from the beginning? Good call EA

EazyC1059d ago

That is mighty light...26 cars!?

Retroman1059d ago (Edited 1059d ago )

Back in reality............ i seriously want to believe in NFS again but Criterions 3 titles flops.. plus "The Run" holding my money back. from my point of view this "reboot" not to impressive, graphics greATE! but the constant drifting is unappealing, was cool back in Underground days.
wish close circuit , drag racing , sprint racing, open road tracks come back .

eXclurel1059d ago

Why are the cars in latest NFS titles always wet?

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081059d ago

There will be dry conditions to! it might just be like that because it's on a rainy night. There are some photos i seen where the cars weren't wet.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081059d ago

Yeah, there are 26 to start with and the rest you have to unlock, and to be honest, this is a great lineup to begin with! a SRT viper, a mercedes AMG GT and a 2 lamboghinis? you can't get mad at that!

EazyC1058d ago

That's too good though, you should start out in an old Silvia or MKII golf, not a Dodge Viper!

rdgneoz31058d ago

Here's hoping you just have to unlock them and not get nickle and dimed with on disc DLC.

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