Persona 5 is a great summer game

On the first day of 2015’s Tokyo Game Show, Atlus finally announced Persona 5’s release date. Originally slated for 2015, the game has been delayed to an undisclosed month in summer 2016. While Persona fans all over the world may be disappointed at this delay, as this is looking to be a significant 8-10 month wait, Katsura Hashino, the director on Persona 5, stated that his team has the possibility to make a game that is even bigger and better than originally conceived. And given how massive and addictive Persona games tend to be, this further affirms the belief of many that Persona 5 is a great summer game.

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Eiyuuou1176d ago

This is my most anticipated game of 2016, along with FFXV!

The_GameBolt1176d ago

It just looks better and better!

AstroCyborg1175d ago

no its great for any time of the year