UK Supermarkets Selling PS4 and Xbox One Bundles for £200

This is possibly the cheapest we've ever seen the next-gen bundles go for, but you'll have to put some legwork in if you want to get in on this deal.

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Fro_xoxo1184d ago

I would get that £200 PS4 but I want the new CUH-1200 version.

madmonkey011184d ago

nice price, could go another ps4 for my bedroom and retire the ps3 i have up there.

djplonker1184d ago

Not sure how well it works but you could get a ps vita tv and stream ps4 games upstairs.

Would save alot of money and quite a bit of space because it's tiny.

chrish19901184d ago

I agree with djplonker. If it's only as a secondary that you'll use just for a bit of gaming in ned before sleep, you can't go wrong with the pstv. Much more cost effective than buying a new ps4

madmonkey011184d ago

yeh i would if the vita TV had native netflix or amazon prime support in the uk as i use those a lot on ps4.

Imortus_san1184d ago

Image qulity is not the same as the real thing.

djplonker1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

No need to ditch the ps3 then and you can watch netflix on that and would be able to play ps3/4/vita games too.

Although if money is no problem for you then just go for the ps4 :D

voodoogts1184d ago

Xbox One Elite sounds good for that price.

Joseveth1184d ago

Link please! I live in Cornwall :3

ChunkyHD1184d ago

FFS rang the superstore ASDA. Sold the last £200 PS4 about a minute ago. No until dawn for me :(

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