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Submitted by Juevani 3345d ago | news

Wiimote Working With Playstation 3

The Wiimote was on show working with the PS3 at this years Binary 2.0 conference. Of course it was being done so with the aid of Linux! (PS3, Wii)

power of Green  +   3346d ago
No one cares about the PS3.
Arkham  +   3346d ago
Quit yer spamming, boy. Man, the three of you spend more time spamming PS3 articles than playing your 360. That says something.
tk  +   3345d ago
Nobody cares?
Well... somebody cared enough to actually write the driver for the Wiimote...

And quite a few cared enough to put this on more than a few forums already

And quite a few of us will now not be getting a Wii, but a Wiimote for the PS3...

Actually - it is your type of comments that nobody cares about anymore...

I mean - some time ago your comments affect - maybe - some people.... but by now MS overdid the viral marketers, fake angry fanboys / exited fanboys / consumer apathy form trolls thingie a bit... So much so that clearly as the PS3's don't survive 5 minutes in a store as word gets out that a shop has one available... it is clear - actually nobody cares anymore about trolls like yourself....
Juevani  +   3346d ago
U need attention?? get it somewhere els, u're not welcome here lonely child.. now others can enjoy this news
power of Green  +   3346d ago
Hmmm... you got all that out of: no one cares about the PS3.

I think it's a waste that you spend all day on the PC to find good news for PS3 and bad news for the 360. All i was saying, is that the trend casual consumers have picked the 360 to be the console to have and you where wasting your time posting all this news you dig up all day for a few hardcore Sony fans.

Trolling news for PS3 is a waste no one cares about PS3, the little attention it does get is based on past PR.
InMyOpinion  +   3346d ago
The force is weak with this one...
No one cares about Star Wars episode 1-3, that's a fact. Your avatar should be ashamed of itself lol!

The Ps3 seems to be full of loopholes, it will be damaging in the end.
power of Green  +   3346d ago
I don't own any Star Wars movies i use this avatar becaus dude knew the truth all along.
Arkham  +   3346d ago
Can you scream "I'm Comic-Book Guy" any louder? Nope, don't think so.

And please don't post some witty reply based on something Captain Kirk said.
InMyOpinion  +   3345d ago
I'm no "comic book guy", I enjoy movies. If you've never seen Star Wars you must be amish...
Arkham  +   3345d ago
Sorry for the confusion, Jenzo - I was replying to POG, not you. :)
InMyOpinion  +   3344d ago
Juevani  +   3346d ago
Tell me where u find all this news '' that no one cares about the ps3 and bla bla bla'' u know how big fan base sony has?? sucka ps2 have a solid 111 million loyal consumers, so lets just say 50% minimum 50% of them is planin 2 have a PS3 that'll be about 56 millions, how do u compare that to 8 million (360 fan base)?? the org. xbox had a fan base of 24 millions. and I don't think 360 is goin any higher than that, so PS3's fan Base is like a reserved fan base overall we are known as the most loyal consumers (havent u read that articale) This is my last massage on this page for now, cus its a waist of my time arguin with kids when I already know that the ps3 is gonna take over and leave the competitors behind, it happens everytime...
scriptkiddie  +   3345d ago
There is a BIG difference between the PS2 and the PS3 that will affect the user base. The PS2 was a gaming machine that played great games. The PS3 is a Blu-Ray player that only has the Potential to play games.
DJ  +   3346d ago
Power claims no one cares about the PS3
yet here he is, posting multiple times on a PS3 article. It's always been that way. Ironically, it's the 360 section that no one seems to care about.
TheMART  +   3346d ago
Oh, that's why the 360 is more searched on the internet etc. then the PS3 is probably.


Now this is the reality mate:

pick Xbox 360 consoles sold


market share:

pick PS3 consoles sold


Last time I checked a couple of days ago, the 360 was just on 8.2 million and the PS3 was on 430.000 or so. Which means, the PS3 sold only 40k in the same time that the 360 sells 600k per week or something like that and the Christmas sales the coming week will skyrocket the thing.

The 360 will be on 10 million soon and gameproducers will favor the 360 for making games.

So yeah Power is right. No one really cares about PS3 besides some die hard PS fans. There was even a Game Award show on television here today. The 360 got gameconsole of the year ofcourse and people cheered for it. When the presentator said the PS3 will launch in 2007, only thing you could here were people shouting 'boooohhhh'. Apparantly people do not care anymore for the ONE year delayed piece of outdated hardware and overpriced also
big_tim  +   3345d ago
Since you are the king of stats, can you find me a comparison of sales for the 360 by Dec 31st, 2005 and the PS3 now?

I know how hard it was last year for me to land a 360 as it is this year for a PS3 and Wii. The Wii obviously has greater launch numbers than the others because of the ease of production.

I have seen all the current number stats, but can't find the launch comparisons.
calderra  +   3345d ago
" I have seen all the current number stats, but can't find the launch comparisons."

I don't have exact numbers, but I do have a pretty honest answer for you- about the same. Sony still claims they're going to sell 1mil by year's end.. realistically, it'll be more like 360's numbers. I think 360's total was 600K units. PS3 is, basically, right on target for that.

Sony will probably claim >1mil units shipped by year's end, just like Microsoft quite accurately places the number of "shipped" units at about 1.5mil for '06. Both of these numbers will probably be units shipped from the factories, and not necessarily even units recieved by stores.
big_tim  +   3345d ago
Mart replied in another thread with similar numbers.

With the two companies being on the same track, the number game is worthless right now. you can't farely compare the sales of the two with the drastic difference of units available.

Come next year when millions are out for both, the numbers will matter.
tk  +   3345d ago
The real comparison should be...
How long is a PS3 sitting on a shelve after news of one becoming available hits the street...

I mean - if the shelvelife of a PS3 is under 5 minutes of it becoming available.. then clearly... consumers really really care...

If demand outstrips supply.. that is a sign of people "caring". And clearly the trolls / XBots / Viral Marketers / paid analysts / detractors care as well... very very much. Because they try to tear down every thread, fake negativity etc etc etc... and still, 100,000's of PS3 would be sold in minutes of becoming available...

Now if Sony can just up the production to a million a month minimum - then we will see how much people actually care...

But... dream on boys dream on, if trolling and spewing BS on forums turns you on...
big_tim  +   3345d ago
^^Settle down, take a breath, relax
Don't let TheMart get to you. He is always like that.

I was bringing up the point that they are selling similar based on launch and availability. Now it could be said the same with the 360 launch that the shelf life was seconds. Additionally, if the PS3 would have had the numbers Sony expected in the first place, they would have still sold them immediately.

Like I said, come next year when they are producing the numbers that MS is, then this should be brought up for a comparison. To compare it now is useless.
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mephixto  +   3346d ago
No one care about the 360 section the number of comments there is is 10 times less than the PS3 section losers
kingboy  +   3346d ago
agreed and i think they need help
Bill Gates  +   3345d ago
Food for thought....
This may not be good for the Big N. If I'm not mistaken the PS3 is now labeled as a "Computer" and not a Console right?....stay with me here for just a second.

Now who is to say that being an open system, Firmwares wont be created by some kids out there that use the Wiimote, or imulators created to play 360 or Wii games. Afterall it's a computer and enything and everything goes as far as third parties right? I could be wrong, I'm not sure.

If someone replies to this, don't be a fanb!tch about it please. Simply speak your mind and move on. Thanks.
bung tickler  +   3345d ago
ok ill try to do this as non fanboy like as possible...

if you are going to buy a computer you CAN buy one that has more power than the ps3 does (for about $600, they say it runs linux like a Pentium III at 800MHZ), as far as emulating and ease of use with the wiimote the REAL PC wins again. I dont know why, other than to get around taxs, sony ever said it was a computer because that is a war it will NOT win, and i say that with all fanboyism tucked down as far as i can. and lets not forget that with a RAL PC you can run windows and get all the flexability/software that that offers as well.
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tk  +   3344d ago
Comparison flawed
No - your comparison is flawed. It is unoptimized code for the cell compared to optimized code for the Pentium without even taking the SPE's into account. Already some of the code that is tested with Mandelbrot and other mathematical sets runs more than 10 times faster than the first benchmarks...

But as a very clearly fanboy as possible comment from you - take old comments from first trials and pretend that is the absolute end results... try again - no cigar this time...
bung tickler  +   3344d ago
even whan they get the code optimized it will NEVER run better than a normal computer for a couple of reason... one but the time they do get it optimized it will be like 2010 and PC's will have already leapfrogged it ten fold, and two WAY more people are intrested in optimizing code to run on the PC than are for the PS3 so again the PC wll always have the lead. Oh and as a side note the SPE's are really only good for math... they are not general purpose like a PC's multiple cores. Oh and a PC is FULY UPGRADEABLE, oh and with a PC i could have a blu-ray AND hd-dvd drive inside it at the SAME TIME. so no my argument is not flawed you buttfvckler.
UrbanJabroni  +   3345d ago
Play 360 games
Given that the systems are "more or less" equal in power, there will never be a PS3 emulator on a 360 or a 360 emulator on a PS3. Emulation requires exponentially more power to perform.

This isn't a comment on system power, just one of those unbreakable laws of computing.
xfrgtr  +   3345d ago
hahaha,I love reading the cries of the poor xbox fanboys.Theyre so jealous of the ps3 that the only thing they can do is to bash it.2007 is the beginning of the end for the 360,6 million ps3 by march,mmmmm.....30 millions in 2008,bye bye xbox lovers.100 millions ps fans are waiting for their consoles(ps3)
Grown Folks Talk  +   3345d ago
the higher number of ps2s
didn't stop people from enjoying their xbox. if the 360 does end up with more consoles sold, are you going to stop playing your ps3? who cares how many they sell other than themselves? it's no different than games. the millions of people that thing gta is the greatest thing ever. i can't stand it. it's boring to me. i didn't sit there and say "well everybody else likes it so it must be great." i just kept playing the games I liked. let me know when you start making a profit off of units sold, then call me and tell me how you got the job so i can get paid too.
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THAMMER1  +   3345d ago
Wii + Ps3 = fun
Play games B!T(H's
eddie14  +   3345d ago
why would it matter
You forget that the PS3 is not built for the Wii controls...even if you can play games with the wii wouldn't add the fun factor because ps3 games are not fun in general...and another thing...that would make all the PS3 fanboy's hypocrites...basically they are saying "Wii admit that the controller thing is not a gimmick so lets waste time to input the wii controls into the PS3...PS3 makes me sick...I don't see Nintendo fans trying to play the Wii with a Sixaxis (that'll be the day)
tk  +   3345d ago
It matters because...
I can use the Wiimote, the Sixaxis, I can run Openoffice, a Web Server
I can play Motorstorm, Lair, MGS4
I can play most of my PS2 library - which is quite a lot now
I can use MAME to play plenty of other old arcade games
I can view out of the box HD movies with BluRay
It looks great in my living room

Now... if I can only find one where I live. The XB360 is available - actually shelves of them - and the PS2's are flying of the shelves - but th PS3's are not available yet - so in the meantime I will just get a couple of new PS2 titles to keep me going until the PS3 releases...

unlike the XB - that does not get any new titles.. or
the XB360 that is just more of the same from the previous gen - no HD playback by default or innovative new controller .. just more of what we had anyway...

So it matters - the one thing that was getting me thinking of getting something else than a Sony this time around was the Wii... and it was tempting - because the old PS2 titles would be unusable forever on the new console...

But - the one thing that was on another console - can plug in on the PS3 and work! Albeit under Linux - it works! Heck - whatever the Wii had - we will get under homebrew shortly - which means - I will pick up a PS3 when the it lands over here - get a Wiimote and start hacking in Linux to get some things working on it...

And when Sony releases titles with Eyetoy / Sixaxis combination that gives the same as the Wiimote plus some extra cool stuff - then I would have no temptation for the Wii left anymore. he XB360 was a no-brainer... nothing compelling.... just MS trying to throw billions away to try and monopolize yet another industry and kill it off...

Yep - it matters... now try and put any of the motion controllers on your XB360 - and if you can't - then you will know why I am not really interested in MS's attempt at pretending to be innovative.
TheMART  +   3345d ago
But the only thing you really want is not all that 'semi-gaming stuff'

You want next gen games, don't you?
PS2 games look better on the PS2 then on the PS3.

Motorstorm/Resistance only two good games out there. Good but not AAA. All colours on PS3 looked washed out in wrong washing powder.

Now 360 has the AAA games. Already out or coming in exclusives.

Don't you want Bioshock, Halo 3, Gears of War, Alan Wake, Huxley, Forza 2, Crackdown and all the other big games? Right. Best and most exclusives are on 360
scriptkiddie  +   3345d ago
Thammer1 ...
Wii+PS3 = Fun ( the wii plays games and the PS3 is a Blu-Ray Player) Too bad you can't have fun playing games with the PS3. It only has the potential to play games.
tk  +   3345d ago
Seems like a most stupid comment - but - from an XBot - that is expected...

Hey - with the Wiimote working under Linux on PS3 - expect a lot of homebrew titles jumping on this...

When the Wii dies down a year or two down the line - after it surpassed the XB360 shipped number.. at least the Wiimote will live on as an incidental add-on for the PS3...
THAMMER1  +   3345d ago
The PS3 and the 360 have the power to emulate the Wii.
All it would take is an update for the game code to run on the 360 or the PS3. You mite need an add - on for the motion tech. but I would pay $150.00 for that type of upgrade.

How about you guys. I would also like to see Nintendo offer games to Sony and M$ as a third party developer. But we all have dreams right.

Stop bashing the PS3, that horse is dead. I think you can bash the PS3 fan boys all day though.
#13 (Edited 3345d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
rigo92  +   3345d ago
Well, so far
The wii is raping the ps3 in sales, not to mention the ps3 came out before (nov 11 Jap, nov 17 US) wii (nov 19 US, dec 2 Jap). Not meant to make anyone angry, just statin a fact, 600K sold so on US in a week, 400K in Japan in a weekend and 350K sold in europe and also broke the record of the fastest selling console on both UK and Australia. sorry but so far I cant see the wii "dying down". anytime soon, show me a sale figure showing ps3 on top and ill believe you. Note how I have not mentioned 360, its been out for a year, wii has been out for LESS than ps3 and has sold about THRICE as much. Not to mention nintendo has a very good attach rate and makes a PROFIT for every single console sold, while sony invested billions, just to lose even more money, for every console sold they lose $$$, and not even games can make up for it, they would need to sell at least 20 games per console, and so far ps3 only has an attach rate close to 1 game. I almost feel sorry for sony and for kojima for releasing such a great game (MGS4) only on ps3, hope it goes multiplatform though. To make things worse, we have the high price and the shortages of blue lacer diodes which limit production and delayed the launch, if sony (bluray) loses the format war (betamax vs vhs anyone?) then the pS3 is doomed. Man, I feel I can nearly see the DS vs PSP war all over again....
timmyp53  +   3345d ago
thammer is in denial baby hahaha
rigo92  +   3345d ago
you can bash the fanboys all day!! LMFAO!!!!
blu3print  +   3345d ago
Lost Track
What's all the fuss about.. there'e using the Wiimote under linux..meaing that you cant use it to play games... I might be mistaken but you can't run linux and a game at the same time. So what are you all fretting about...cause you have a glorified pointer (wiimote) to run PowerPoint
clone presentations etc

I dont see how this can start a war over which console is better.

And to those simple minded people, there's an advantage to the PS3 being a 'computer', have you thought about 2 fan bases,[1] there're millions of Linux users out there, the PS3 has ample power as linux requires less resources to run (long time b4 u require hardware upgrade) and those users has an option then to also play next gen games on their 'PS3 linux box', watch Movies in HD etc [2] gamers, self explanatory

SIDENOTE : Has anyone ever compared the sales of new PS2 games to XBOX360 games, think about it.. you can buy lots of new PS2 games to play on your PS3 therefore kinda throwing of the actual attach rate cause games people like that have the PS3 might not be out yet... think about it

leave the console war to the big wigs at Sony and MS
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Raven  +   3345d ago
Shut the F@%$k Up
Does anyone here have any common sense, this is just sad seeing you people arguing over something as trivial as this, the Wii mote works for the ps3 plain and simple leave it alone already.

MS fanboys and Sony fanboys the majority of you guys are acting like a bunch of punk b@%ches why don't you talk about the games and the subject at hand than sounding like a bunch of zealots.
blu3print  +   3345d ago
just play games ppl
Harry  +   3345d ago
Shut the Funk up and go play some games.
peksi  +   3344d ago
The PS3 is nowhere to be bought yet until the factories get the production at full speed. On the other hand the shelves everywhere are full of xbox360s which is now in it's peak sales rate and will go down from no on when competition has landed. Expect the PS3 and Wii to take it over from here ;)

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