Wiimote Working With Playstation 3

The Wiimote was on show working with the PS3 at this years Binary 2.0 conference. Of course it was being done so with the aid of Linux!

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power of Green 4379d ago

No one cares about the PS3.

Arkham4379d ago

Quit yer spamming, boy. Man, the three of you spend more time spamming PS3 articles than playing your 360. That says something.

tk4378d ago

Well... somebody cared enough to actually write the driver for the Wiimote...

And quite a few cared enough to put this on more than a few forums already

And quite a few of us will now not be getting a Wii, but a Wiimote for the PS3...

Actually - it is your type of comments that nobody cares about anymore...

I mean - some time ago your comments affect - maybe - some people.... but by now MS overdid the viral marketers, fake angry fanboys / exited fanboys / consumer apathy form trolls thingie a bit... So much so that clearly as the PS3's don't survive 5 minutes in a store as word gets out that a shop has one available... it is clear - actually nobody cares anymore about trolls like yourself....

Juevani4379d ago

U need attention?? get it somewhere els, u're not welcome here lonely child.. now others can enjoy this news

power of Green 4379d ago

Hmmm... you got all that out of: no one cares about the PS3.

I think it's a waste that you spend all day on the PC to find good news for PS3 and bad news for the 360. All i was saying, is that the trend casual consumers have picked the 360 to be the console to have and you where wasting your time posting all this news you dig up all day for a few hardcore Sony fans.

Trolling news for PS3 is a waste no one cares about PS3, the little attention it does get is based on past PR.

InMyOpinion4379d ago

No one cares about Star Wars episode 1-3, that's a fact. Your avatar should be ashamed of itself lol!

The Ps3 seems to be full of loopholes, it will be damaging in the end.

power of Green 4379d ago

I don't own any Star Wars movies i use this avatar becaus dude knew the truth all along.

Arkham4379d ago

Can you scream "I'm Comic-Book Guy" any louder? Nope, don't think so.

And please don't post some witty reply based on something Captain Kirk said.

InMyOpinion4378d ago

I'm no "comic book guy", I enjoy movies. If you've never seen Star Wars you must be amish...

Arkham4378d ago

Sorry for the confusion, Jenzo - I was replying to POG, not you. :)

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Juevani4379d ago

Tell me where u find all this news '' that no one cares about the ps3 and bla bla bla'' u know how big fan base sony has?? sucka ps2 have a solid 111 million loyal consumers, so lets just say 50% minimum 50% of them is planin 2 have a PS3 that'll be about 56 millions, how do u compare that to 8 million (360 fan base)?? the org. xbox had a fan base of 24 millions. and I don't think 360 is goin any higher than that, so PS3's fan Base is like a reserved fan base overall we are known as the most loyal consumers (havent u read that articale) This is my last massage on this page for now, cus its a waist of my time arguin with kids when I already know that the ps3 is gonna take over and leave the competitors behind, it happens everytime...

scriptkiddie4378d ago

There is a BIG difference between the PS2 and the PS3 that will affect the user base. The PS2 was a gaming machine that played great games. The PS3 is a Blu-Ray player that only has the Potential to play games.

DJ4379d ago

yet here he is, posting multiple times on a PS3 article. It's always been that way. Ironically, it's the 360 section that no one seems to care about.

TheMART4378d ago

Oh, that's why the 360 is more searched on the internet etc. then the PS3 is probably.


Now this is the reality mate:

pick Xbox 360 consoles sold


market share:

pick PS3 consoles sold


Last time I checked a couple of days ago, the 360 was just on 8.2 million and the PS3 was on 430.000 or so. Which means, the PS3 sold only 40k in the same time that the 360 sells 600k per week or something like that and the Christmas sales the coming week will skyrocket the thing.

The 360 will be on 10 million soon and gameproducers will favor the 360 for making games.

So yeah Power is right. No one really cares about PS3 besides some die hard PS fans. There was even a Game Award show on television here today. The 360 got gameconsole of the year ofcourse and people cheered for it. When the presentator said the PS3 will launch in 2007, only thing you could here were people shouting 'boooohhhh'. Apparantly people do not care anymore for the ONE year delayed piece of outdated hardware and overpriced also

big_tim4378d ago

Since you are the king of stats, can you find me a comparison of sales for the 360 by Dec 31st, 2005 and the PS3 now?

I know how hard it was last year for me to land a 360 as it is this year for a PS3 and Wii. The Wii obviously has greater launch numbers than the others because of the ease of production.

I have seen all the current number stats, but can't find the launch comparisons.

calderra4378d ago

" I have seen all the current number stats, but can't find the launch comparisons."

I don't have exact numbers, but I do have a pretty honest answer for you- about the same. Sony still claims they're going to sell 1mil by year's end.. realistically, it'll be more like 360's numbers. I think 360's total was 600K units. PS3 is, basically, right on target for that.

Sony will probably claim >1mil units shipped by year's end, just like Microsoft quite accurately places the number of "shipped" units at about 1.5mil for '06. Both of these numbers will probably be units shipped from the factories, and not necessarily even units recieved by stores.

big_tim4378d ago

Mart replied in another thread with similar numbers.

With the two companies being on the same track, the number game is worthless right now. you can't farely compare the sales of the two with the drastic difference of units available.

Come next year when millions are out for both, the numbers will matter.

tk4378d ago

How long is a PS3 sitting on a shelve after news of one becoming available hits the street...

I mean - if the shelvelife of a PS3 is under 5 minutes of it becoming available.. then clearly... consumers really really care...

If demand outstrips supply.. that is a sign of people "caring". And clearly the trolls / XBots / Viral Marketers / paid analysts / detractors care as well... very very much. Because they try to tear down every thread, fake negativity etc etc etc... and still, 100,000's of PS3 would be sold in minutes of becoming available...

Now if Sony can just up the production to a million a month minimum - then we will see how much people actually care...

But... dream on boys dream on, if trolling and spewing BS on forums turns you on...

big_tim4378d ago (Edited 4378d ago )

Don't let TheMart get to you. He is always like that.

I was bringing up the point that they are selling similar based on launch and availability. Now it could be said the same with the 360 launch that the shelf life was seconds. Additionally, if the PS3 would have had the numbers Sony expected in the first place, they would have still sold them immediately.

Like I said, come next year when they are producing the numbers that MS is, then this should be brought up for a comparison. To compare it now is useless.

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