Disney Infinity 3.0 (Wii U) Twilight of the Republic Play Set Review | NWR

Twilight of the Republic is just like the prequels but with better acting.

With much talk pre-release of how improved the Play Sets are in Disney Infinity 3.0, I had high expectations for Twilight of the Republic, the Star Wars Play Set based on the prequel trilogy and the Clone Wars cartoon. It’s unfortunate that, for the most part, Twilight of the Republic is a disappointment, offering up cookie-cutter content that occasionally delights but is mostly overwhelmed by boring quests and middling action.

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GoPanthers9991185d ago

While it may not be perfect, it is great fun and does not deserve a 6. On its own, the playset deserves a 7.5-8 minimum. The complete game, including Toy Box Takeover is pretty amazing in comparison to last years weak outing.