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Lorenzo de Luca looks over the popular RC car football simulator.

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Wh15ky1181d ago

Still loving this game, lag can be a bit of a b*tch at times though, last night it was especially bad.

Pintheshadows1181d ago

Yeah, it was wasn't it. Got that sudden slide across the pitch a lot. At one point though, it saved me and my friend from conceding.

NewMonday1181d ago

Sony should give these guys the keys to Twisted Metal, they know how to make a fun game.

hiredhelp1181d ago

Yeh lag can get annoying just leavegame search again job done.
Ive got mad max ,Act of agression,mgsv yet i still find myself taking time out to play this fantastic basic game time flys.

Pintheshadows1181d ago

The problem is, leaving a ranked game comes with a penalty so you basically have to just deal with the lag.

hiredhelp1181d ago

Yeh I dont play ranked because of that.

FunkyGoron1181d ago

Best PS plus game ever for PS4 (along with Resogun)