A spoiler-filled look at what was wrong with the story in ‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’

Popoptiq: Just in case the title of the article didn’t fully prepare you for what’s going on here, allow me to spell it out; in this story there will be spoilers, lots of spoilers, perhaps even all of the spoilers for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. If you’re enjoying the game and you don’t want to know how it ends, why Quiet has to wear a bikini, or whether or not Drebin and his pet monkey time travel back to 1984 to explain some back story on the bosses for you, you should take this opportunity to abandon ship. Get out of here, and come back when you’re done. Go on. Out with you. If you’ve finished the game, then feel free to stay, because in this article, we’ll be talking about what went wrong with the story in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and there might even be a little baseless speculation as to why it went wrong, too.

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generic-user-name1181d ago

*************Spoiler********** **

"They’re the same parasites The End had, who if memory serves, wasn’t wearing his underwear during his battle with Snake. It’s annoying that such a flimsy narrative justification was given for the frankly vile character design of Quiet"

It's like people are purposefully ignoring what's said in the game to push their own agendas.

They clearly state that Quiet's lungs got rekt when she was burned at the hospital, hence why she needs to breathe through her skin and The End didn't, his lungs were fine.

XBLSkull1181d ago

Lol I'm not gonna read quite yet cause I'm not done with the game, but how bout you write "What is wrong with the story in MGS1-2-3-4" cause I played 2 and 4 and they are whack, and I can only imagine 1 and 3 are the same way.

pasta_spice1181d ago

MGS1 is actually pretty tame compared to the rest of the series. It has its crazy moments but it's nothing compared to MGS2 onwards! LOL

trouble_bubble1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

"..and I can only imagine 1 and 3 are the same way"

Then you'd be wrong. 1 & 3 are the most grounded in the series. If 2 & 4 confused you it was probably cuz you never played 1 & 3. That's a messed up way of playing MGS games, especially starting the BigBoss story from the end..MGS5.

generic-user-name1181d ago

This guy, hijacking my comment to keep his opinion near the top of the page.

But to address your comment (hence why the reply button actually exists), I like that you jump in at 2 and 4 and expect to be in the loop lol. Anyway, 1 and 3 had the best stories IMO, though after a while I also grew on MGS2. MGS4 was great and had many epic moments (Act 4 for example, though act 4 wouldn't have any meaning to those who never played mgs1) but had some really cringey moments.

UNKLE1181d ago

I can totally agree with this Article.

coolman2291181d ago

Same here. The story in this game is just awful. I knew it was going to be bad but actually seeing what Kojima did I'm actually shocked.

Name Last Name1181d ago


Article says Chico was not mentioned but he was. A tape says he died in that chopper at the end of GZ.

coolman2291181d ago

He's not mentioned in the story. It's just in an obscure tape. Which is a pretty stupid way to mention that he died. If I remember correctly that's the only time Amanda is referenced as well.