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Katie from Gamerscore Whores writes "For a number of years EA haven’t really had to look over it’s shoulder at it’s competitor Konami. Whilst the PES series has been gathering momentum for the last two years, Konami have failed to capitalise on making up market share on the behemoth that is FIFA. As mentioned in our demo coverage things are set to change, so this years FIFA release is certainly one to watch with a sharp eye, we’ve gone through the final code and delivered our verdict, so listen up FIFA fans as you may want to pay attention to this years title."

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Yi-Long1182d ago

I've been having A LOT of fun with the new Pro Evo (apart from the crappy refs who are wayyyy too lenient), so for the first time in many years I will skip FIFA. Didn't care much for the FIFA16 demo, gameplay-wise.

iceman061181d ago

Agreed. I like the FIFA demo. But, I just can't stop playing PES. Aside from the refs, as you mentioned, the game is brilliant. FIFA is fun, but it has ref issues of it's own (IMO). Just the slightest knock is enough to warrant a call at times. The shooting feels a bit lackluster at times too. (or at least inconsistent) To me, it seems like the FIFA devs tried to incorporate some of the aspects that PES players love...including actual midfield play, pace where timing matters as much as raw speed, build up play and possession, etc. However, it's just not as well done as in PES. They are both good. But, imo, PES just shines.

Head_bigg1181d ago

Couldn't agree more. PES is fantastic this year.