Japanese Gravity Rush 2 Website Details Characters, Story, Environments & More

Sony has launched the Japanese website for Gravity Rush 2. The site details the game's characters, story, environments and more.


Added some translations, thanks to Sal Romano from Gematsu

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Alexious1096d ago

Very much looking forward this game. Just hope they fix aliasing a little

VER1ON1096d ago

Art style is mind-blowing

S2Killinit1096d ago

The looks of this are so cool.

VER1ON1096d ago

Add the Final Fantasy-like chore and you got yourself a gem.

G20WLY1096d ago

The music in the first game was genuinely top tier stuff.

BartMoons1096d ago

I wonder if the 3 characters detailed are all playable.

NovusTerminus1096d ago

Sid won't be, he was more of an informant in the first game, and I HOPE Raven is playable, she was awesome. But Kat is also a very great character.

BartMoons1096d ago

Is this confirmed for Gravity Rush? Sid won't be playable?

VER1ON1096d ago

Raven is so mysterious and her crow is epic.

NovusTerminus1096d ago

Not 100% confirmed, there are a few theories (spoilers, not going into that here)

I guess he could also get the set Yukina (I think that was her name) used which emulated the abilities to a degree.

But Sid was not much of a fighter at all in the game.

BartMoons1096d ago

Sounds reasonable - thanks for the info.

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