New Gorgeous Screenshots Show The Beauty Of Grand Theft Auto V Modded

The modding community of GTA V is making its baby steps by releasing various car packs and creating various ENBSeries configs in order to further enhance the game's visuals. While the results are not as mind-blowing yet (compared to what modders achieved in GTA IV), it's a step towards the right direction.

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Cobain191181d ago

Now these look beautiful

john21181d ago

Indeed it looks great. Really looking forward to some Texture Packs though

N4G3RZ1181d ago

I cant wait till the mods come to the Xbox One.

I hope we can get the modded cars as well not just the texure packs and shaders.

Oagoz1181d ago

GTA mods will never come to consoles...

nowitzki20041180d ago

Current consoles would probably melt from the inside out if they ran some of these mods.

FN4GM1180d ago


You better learn to wait cause that isn't happening.

just_looken1180d ago

Looks pretty but like the gtaiv enhancer mods the world is empty.

Yes the street is life like looks amazing but having 2 cars on it? really and the sidewalks only have couple pedestrians?

ABizzel11181d ago

Looking good, but not quite up to GTA4 mods just yet. I stopped buying GTA on console all together simply because of the mods.

garrettbobbyferguson1181d ago

Hopefully we'll have more content mods to compliment these graphical ones. More interiors as an example.

peshkavusCA1181d ago

This is very rare post from this website. Everyday you see someone showing one of of the Godly Rendering from PS4 screenshots :)

1181d ago
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