The Taken King review - Reevaluating one of the most polarising games of recent years - MMGN

MMGN writes: This soft reboot subtly makes the Destiny experience more rewarding and compelling, helping reignite the vision both Bungie and Activision had for the game only a year ago.

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sirkibble21152d ago

Looking forward to trying it at some point. Couldn't stand the first as you did but this second round seems appealing.

ironcrow23861152d ago

I thought id give TK a go..i know some people may wanna give me an almighty backlash but tbh its just the same extortionate, disappointing drivel as the games of the last year were..the only redeemable aspect of destiny now is being able to pick up the legendary edition for just short of a normal full price game

moegooner881151d ago

Having a blast with it. Love the changes to the leveling system.

victorMaje1151d ago

Quests & Leveling are a lot better now. Enjoying every second!

SuperbVillain1151d ago

do i still need the other expansions to enjoy taken king fully?

BozoLoco1151d ago

When you buy The Taken King it comes with the two other expansions and the full game (even if you already own Destiny).

SuperbVillain1151d ago

i see. Thanks. ill think about getting it