Xbox Exclusives: 6 of the best from 2015

Here is a list of the Xbox exclusives too good to be lost in this autumns release frenzy.

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Foehammer1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Good list

And nicely spread out through the year as well.

Lots of diversity as well.

SpaceRanger1152d ago

literally everything in your post is what you've disagreed on whenever anyone says that Playstation's method of doing those things are great.

Ori was the only one that interested me the first half of this year. I just haven't found any true exclusives to get an Xbox that interest me. I've moved away, very far away, from shooters. And I know the moment I buy one, they'll release a slim.

Eiyuuou1151d ago

With all due respect for your opinion, the first part of your comment was uncalled for.

343_Guilty_Spark1151d ago

I don't get this bullshit about things being spread out. You know what I'm playing right now? Sunset Overdrive...I'm still nowhere close to beating this game.

Fro_xoxo1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

ah Enjoy Sunset!
It gets even better, especially when you become really good at it.

You can string moves together.

Spreading games out don't mean much .. you could be interested in one game.. and that game might not be releasing till the end of a whole year.


I'm more concerned how frequent titles that i perceive to be quality titles are released. .

ScorpiusX1151d ago

Own them all.
all great games worth every cent

Iluvtrim1151d ago

Best list on any platform for 2015.

xKugo1151d ago

General public, gaming media and millions MORE gamers in the PlayStation community would disagree with you, as the PS4 has the highest-rated exclusives this year while also boasting a larger library of games this year. They also have a glorified GOTY contender and multiple million+ saling exclusives already.

What does Xbox have? You have a drought that lasted nearly an entire year in-between 1st party exclusive titles and a remaster. Gg

raggy-rocket1151d ago

So did PS last year. And how many months did PS go without big exclusives this year. I'm not talking consecutive. I mean actual months. Quantity does not mean quality, and I'm nowhere near to finishing everything I want on MCC and Alien isolation. You can throw numbers about but the point is people have different opinions and a lot of the media, a lot of the general public and 'millions MORE gamers' in the Xbox community would disagree with you too. You don't have to be condescending because you think you're right. Surely you must know by now a few extra points on metacritic means nothing. I completely respect your opinion but I get mad when you have to throw in rags against Xbox because you get offended that someone hasn't submitted to the almighty glory, seen the light and stepped over to the light side that is the almighty PlayStation.

I don't like Bloodborne style games. What does your GOTY contender matter to people like me? You're the same as all the fanboys. Stats and awards and numbers and sales figures everywhere. Who honestly think that means better quality. Again, perfectly happy for you to express opinion, but non-existent GOTY awards and sales figures stated as a surefire test of quality is stupid. Halo 5 will be my GOTY, that won't win 1 GOTY award. Learn to respect other opinions and try and get some class. GG

TheLoCoRaven1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Next time they should try and list actual exclusives. heh

Edit: I'm lovin the downvotes considering only Forza is an actual exclusive on this list.

fermcr1151d ago ShowReplies(3)
ScorpiusX1151d ago

4of the 6 are exclusive & are published by MS.

TheLoCoRaven1151d ago

5 of the 6 are on PC or soon to be on PC. Thats not exclusive.

ScorpiusX1151d ago

Don't matter , the ip owner , publish is making money and that's cool. As for me I will always buy their goods on the console.

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