Top Ten Most Creative Soulcalibur IV Custom Characters

From He-Man to Captain Planet to R Kelly, this is the definitive list of the most creative Soulcalibur IV "Create a Soul" characters being made by gamers today.

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hunter213755d ago

cool, i played the online game last night and i encounter bald britney spears, it was funny though

FreeMonk3755d ago

Monty Python's The Black Knight!! Excellent.

It's a shame that you can't cause some 'flesh wounds' to him though!!! lol

Kami3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

i played online and 90% of the poeple always use killik(cheap). but i saw a DR DOOM.
My creations are kind of cool but i havent had a chance to play with them online too much.
Hard Gay
And the best of the best SPAWN

sumfood4u3755d ago

Gotta luv their imaginations huh!

surfengineer3755d ago

Wow there are some talented individuals out there. Those characters are very well done!

mfwahwah3755d ago

Agreed. There are TONS of these out there. On Kotaku they have a gallery with a Gundam and Ronald Mc-frickin'-Donald. And they actually look good.

I don't want the game, so I wish they released the character customizer for like $10-$15, similar to Spore with the Creature Creator. I would SO buy that ****.

REALZILLA3755d ago

I have to agree, those people are very gifted. R Kelly, WTF, LOL

NanoGeekTech3755d ago

Thats a very roboust character design.....It looks like you can make anyone if you are skilled enough...

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The story is too old to be commented.