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I Can’t Escape: Darkness from Fancy Fish games was developed with one goal in mind; to excite and terrify players. Following up from the 2013 release I Can’t Escape this new game looks to build on the original to enhance while still keeping the spirit of the original. This new atmospheric horror adventure throws you into a deep dark pit filled with horrific nightmares and challenges you to escape.

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1noobgamer1178d ago

You're not the only one, seems this game didn't get great scores anywhere.

GamerGabs1178d ago

I'm glad that there are still games out there trying to master a scary atmosphere without resorting to jump-scares. Shame that the gameplay is lacking in interest after a while, and the combat is tiresome.

Yukes1178d ago

Agreed, but it looks like this misses the mark completely. A tense atmosphere is all very well but shoddy gameplay just breaks immersion.

MrsNesbitt1178d ago

Time to go back to the drawing board devs!

Joystickero1178d ago

Too bad, it seemed like a neat idea!

Maple221177d ago

It seems a real shame that the game has no substance as the the effort put into the look it seems to go to waste. Never mind...