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Neil writes "A year is a long time in the video game world, and not only are EA back in the game, this time with Rory McIlroy, but the whole ‘next generation’ of gaming is in full swing. Gamers are begging for more and this is where The Golf Club Collector’s Edition comes neatly into play."

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oKidUKo1182d ago

I played this the first time around and I'm a bit gutted I didn't wait for the collector's edition. I'd have preferred a career mode.

cfc831182d ago

Just upgrade via the store. Game plus dlc works out at same price, and is the same as collectors edition.

oKidUKo1181d ago

Didn't realise, thanks!

MetroidFREAK211182d ago

Whats new? I bought this game when it first released...