Driveclub PS4 vs Reality Graphics Comparison

Driveclub has received significant graphics upgrade since its release. Now you can see how the game looks like compared to real world.
Check this short video to see how rain effect and tunnel lightning was imitated using PS4 hardware.

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DarkOcelet1060d ago

Driveclub looks better lol.

XisThatKid1060d ago

The reality part is just the rendered opening its not actual gameplay. :/

APexGamer451059d ago

Still, DriveClub is still best looking driving game out on console now.

It truly feels next gen. All the graphics are dynamic and real time. Not prebaked fake effects or lighting.

XisThatKid1059d ago

I was joking, but whatevs

Septic1059d ago (Edited 1059d ago )

Okay wtf that in car view of DC is amazing. I couldn't believe it was gameplay at times. Wow. I tried it with third person last time.

Makes you wonder what GT will look like!

chrisco84au1059d ago

DriveClub the game - decent, well worth the bargain price. The idea was great, execution leaves a bit to desired. Not the best racing game avaliable, not even close to Forza 6
DriveClub the graphics - NO racer even come close, argue until your face is blue but it will get you nowhere.

Forza is the better game, I'll argu that until I'm blue in the face but as stunning as it is, it does not even get close to DriveClub graphically.

Graphics are a small part of gaming and I would choose Forza over DriveClub to play but to show of next gen power to non gamers, nothing beats DriveClub.

Take the fanboy goggles off and see reality.

inveni01059d ago

Honestly, the real video just has a worse camera. That's how you can tell the difference.

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marinelife91060d ago

Finally a good comparison.

nix1059d ago

i seriously feel they could have used the highway tracks from DC or at least the Scotland ones.

But what a pull off from devs.

Magicite1059d ago

reality looks dark and ugly

iceman061059d ago

But, is it 1080p and 60FPS!?!? If not, I refuse to play reality!!! LOL

Imortus_san1059d ago

Since Driveclub is all dynamic, it may look good some times but most times when not using weather filters the game just looks too bad:

babadivad1059d ago

Drive club is so unrealistic. Don't really feel like elaborating further.

BG115791059d ago

That is true, in reality, you don't possess that many cars! ^^

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the-dragons-bane1060d ago

Even after all this time Driveclub is still the most visually impressive racing game out right now.

Clunkyd1060d ago (Edited 1060d ago )

Nope LOL
Sad that you gotta use multiplats to defend your PC. And even that DC still looks better. LMAO

Majin-vegeta1060d ago

How about you link to some actual gameplay and not a screenshot?

the-dragons-bane1060d ago

I said "out right now". NFS isn't out right now.

Azzanation1059d ago

So is Ryse and that's 2 years old.

Angels37851059d ago

I don't think I ever laughed so hard...Ryse wasn't even the best looking game when it came out.

Heck Polygon, one of the most biased sites even said killzone shadowfall looked better.

Azzanation1058d ago (Edited 1058d ago )


Ryse won Siggraph in 2014 a year after its launch and was still the best looking game on the market and taking home the awards for best visuals.

I never laughed so hard at your comment.

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stalepie1060d ago

The raindrops show up too prominently in Driveclub. Real life they're harder to see and it's not as distracting.

badz1491059d ago

Do you even drive bro? This real life camera is crappy and it's not raining too heavily either. But as you can see, the tunnel effect is pretty spot-on!

stalepie1059d ago (Edited 1059d ago )

It's true the camera footage doesn't look so good... I think the problem really is depth of field related. Normally your eyes focus on the distance when driving, but DC (and other games) have both the foreground (windshield) and distant objects (cars, road) equally in view. It's possible with eyetracking software that realistic focusing could become a thing in games and that would be important for VR.

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