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The much maligned ending of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has left some fans soured, but not everyone thinks so.

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PhoenixUp1099d ago

All I got to say is this is one of the most mismarketed games of all time, rîght next to MGS2.

That twist makes some sense of the overall saga, but ultimately I feel as betrayed as Kaz was

TheWackyMan1099d ago

MGS2 was not mismarketed, it was on purpose.

DragonDDark1098d ago

Yeah poor Kaz. I felt the same way.

ANIALATOR1361099d ago

It didnt make sense. Why would the real Snake waste years of his life waiting 9 years for medic to wake up? And an inevitable hospital attack. So many holes you can pick apart. And the whole switcheroo thing was a dreadful idea in the first place. A person at Kojima pro should have stopped him doing it like they did with his original idea for the MGS4 ending.

ceooflhm1098d ago

The switch made perfect sense. It explains why Eli and David (Liquid and Solid)were not a genetic match for fake Boss. Makes the ending to MGS IV even better. The real Big Boss was in a coma for 9 years. Medic was in an induced coma. That's how they explain all of Ocelots plans for Big Boss if he ever came out of coma. It left some holes but most are filled if you listen to the tapes. You must have missed the nurse calling Cipher to tell them Boss(fake boss) has awoken prompting the hospital attack.

UNKLE1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

The original idea for mgs4 where otacon and snake would be executed by pentagon it would be 10% better than zero this zero that shit ending. At least we would know otacon and SSnake die but now we don't know what happened in mgsV Ending post credits they didn't mention about old snake died or not and otacon too.

ceooflhm1099d ago

I liked how it ended except for the fact your replaying Mission 1 but with crucial scenes added that answered questions that MGS V had raised about Metal Gear Solid and it made MGS IVs ending make so much more sense. Mission 45 was awesome but also a bummer. The missing Mission 51 is unneeded if you played Metal Gear Solid from the time it came out on PS1 and kept following the series. Eli says all that needs to be said when he leaves. The end circled back to this. No spoilers but the ending makes a certain blood test in MGS V make sense. All I will say is that test involves Eli and David. If you don't know who Eli and David are its in the game. Still replaying Mission 1 was tedious.

DragonDDark1098d ago

The only problem I had with the ending is that it didn't give me any closure.. I didn't feel satisfied. Hope that makes sense.

WKirk1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

Right there with you man. Especially playing since the original MGS. People may have complained that MGS4 was too full of fan service, but this one was almost completely devoid of it.

naedtrax1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

I don't understand how this game didn't give anyone closure. The sheer fact that you understand how Solid Snake could kill Big Boss TWICE says enough to me. How Venom got hungry for power and started developing nukes and dieing at the hand of Solid Snake in Metal Gear, then Solid Snake is on the wrong side but doesn't know it in Metal Gear 2 and kills the real Big Boss under the orders of the Patriots.

The whole reason for 2 bases (Outer Heaven and Zanzibar) was to attempt to stand on an equal footing with governments worldwide.

The fact people are still discussing this ending means something, they just haven't realized it yet.

Ocelot was always on Big Boss's side, and so was Miller. But Miller could not handle what the boss did in order to build 2 rogue states and wants to bring him down, as he wants revenge.

This is truly a Hideo Kojima game.

WKirk1098d ago

That was really explanatory and well written. Much more educated on that topic now. Still, as it stands, I would have appreciated a concrete conclusion to at least some of the sub plots. Even at that it was so hard to feel that loss they tried so hard to portray.

It felt like, "hey remember that army you built in Peace walker? Well here is Ground Zeroes where most of them are murdered. Now here is TPP, be mad about that Ground Zeroes thing, okay?"

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