The hottest Fallout 4 and Season Pass preorders

DS: It's hard to believe we're only a few short months away from Fallout 4, but it's time to start hunting down those cheap preorders. We've dug out some great deals for PS4, Xbox One and PC formats. There's even a very tempting preorder for the Season Pass that's hard to ignore. Where possible we've listed prices for US and UK gamers.

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_-EDMIX-_1180d ago

I already got his paid in full, but would switch where I got it from based on some extras lol.

I want to know who currently has the best offer going for this title for preorders.

donwel1180d ago

Season pass pre-orders.... And people think that there's nothing wrong with this industry.

Simco8761180d ago

Difference is, this is Fallout. Not CoD and not Borderlands, Fallout's past DLC speaks for itself. When you have proven DLC, then it isn't bad to think about pre-ordering.

Just think, developers work on this game for years. They have other ideas that are bigger or couldn't fit into the main game. So they have "planned" dlc. Not a big deal.

donwel1180d ago

Hmmm, as long as it is like their previous dlcs, don't forget they still have a publisher to please and publishers care about little else other than maximising profit.
We shall see though, I do hope it isn't a greedy cash grab, I'm not that much of a pessimist. Not yet at least.

Phoenix761180d ago

@donwel, you do know that Bethesda are both developer and publisher of Fallout don't you?

Simco8761180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Consoles only UK deals.

Seafort1180d ago

I got the game itself from kinguin a few weeks ago when it was cheaper at £21.

I got the Season pass at for £14.24 for PC version yesterday.

I don't mind preordering when I can get it a lot cheaper than what steam and other stores are selling the games for.

Atm steam are selling Fallout 4 for £40 and many other games for £50.