PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U USA Lifetime Sales – August 2015 Update

VGChartz' William D'Angelo: "Looking at the total sales of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U in the US in August shows how close the race continues to be between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The two consoles have been within one million units of each other since November 2014.

The PS4 has sold 8.79 million units lifetime in the US, the Xbox One 7.92 million units, and the Wii U 4.30 million units.

PlayStation 4 Total Sales: 8,791,598

Xbox One Total Sales: 7,917,207

Wii U Total Sales: 4,300,632"

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Foehammer1183d ago

Good to a actually see an apples to apples comparison.

Pretty good sales curve really.

madmonkey011182d ago

agree, by this report both are selling well in the USA

3-4-51182d ago

Usually never gets reported as such though.

In the U.S. PS4 isn't as dominate as it is worldwide.

EU def helps Sony in that part.

never4get1182d ago

Bad news, For Future Japanese AAA games.
When PS2 almost 3 years old, it sold 12.5 million in Japan.
When PS4 almost 2 years old, it sold less than 2 million in Japan.

Yoshida, The Last Guardian, Gravity Rush 2, AAA JRPGs, please sell more PS4 in Japan !!!

nix1182d ago

whatever helps VGchart fanboys help sleep at night.

first comparing sales of PS4 against Wii.
now comparing X1 and PS4 numbers only in US because the gap is only around 1 million.

i'm sure they must be really really waiting for october/november/december where X1 is likely to come out a winner. like really waiting for that second month of wiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn.

MasterCornholio1182d ago

Well its not like its the first time that we have seen an apples to apples comparison where sales are involved.

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Bathyj1182d ago

The graph is pretty interesting really. PS4 made good strides to get a substantial lead from the start, but Xbox clawed back a lot of that lead massively last holiday season. Since then PS4 has only been slightly outselling XB, maintaining its lead but not really building on it.

I would not be surprised at all to see MS take the overall lead again by the end of year. They put all their eggs in that basket and they will get a good spike even for it, even if some individual games will likely suffer sales wise for being in such a crowded period.

And of course this all just USA only obviously.

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madmonkey011182d ago

vg chartz will probably report that the xbox one has sold more in the usa soon after winter, and the internet gaming media will make a big deal about it.

Eonjay1182d ago

Well not really. Thats almost 900k sales difference. And in the US, we have NPD PR. So we will know whats what from the horse's mouth. Neogaf will validate and VGChartz will remain inline. In fact when it comes to VGChartz, the only hardware charts you can trust are the USA hardware charts (after adjustments) and the Japanese Charts (which are obviously the most accurate).

madmonkey011182d ago

perhaps, i have never held much confidence in VGChartz numbers myself though, but i don't follow NPD numbers either, (live in uk) so i cant comment on how well they tally up.

TheLoCoRaven1182d ago

This is trying to show a trend, but since the PS4 and XB1 are basically on the same trend, the real judgement is the overall sales since one is higher each month and grows that gap.

Christopher1182d ago

If XBO has a similar spike this Holiday compared to last, they'll at least equal the PS4 in North America. Though, their non-Holiday growth surprises me considering how heavy they push the XBO with ridiculous sales deals throughout the year.

OB1Biker1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

XB1 won November and December but I thought PS4 sold more September to December 2014 anyway or am I wrong?
Also nearly a million is tough to catch up in a few months IMO

Christopher1182d ago

Yeah, XBO gained about 1m more during that time. So, it wasn't that hard.

Worldwide, Sony sold way more than XBO each month, but in North America the surge led XBO very close to PS4 and the PS4 gain over XBO since then has, according to what numbers we have, not been that drastic.

But, the other thing is if PS4 sees a price drop in the U.S. soon like they are doing in Japan in October, that may stymie that potential leap of the XBO this Holiday like they had last Holiday.

Eonjay1182d ago

What exactly caused the sales spike last year? Well obviously it was a 'temp' price reduction and deals that effectively made the Xbox One $280. But now $350 is the regular price so in order to get the same kind of spike, maybe Microsoft will introduce another temp price cut at $299.

But like last year's spike I predict that Sony will come out on top again. I think the PS4 sales will have to take a hit while Xbox One sales take a spike simultaneously in order to produce a cumulative victory for the Xbox One.

And there is no real evidence that shows the PS4 slowing down.

Hoffmann1182d ago

Nintendo is truly ...doooooomed.

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