Several DualShock 4 replacement parts and accessories discounted

Amazon has discounted the L2 R2 Trigger Springs Replacement Parts to $4.94, KontrolFreek Grips to $14.99, Several KontrolFreek analog covers to $14.99 and more DualShock 4 accessories.

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fulnattybrah1182d ago

you need replacement parts for the ds4?

Septic1182d ago

Only the analog sticks which are prone to tearing off.

SpaceRanger1181d ago

The material on the controller's analog sticks were changed the longest time ago. They're no longer prone to it like the launch controller was.

Mike041182d ago

This fpsfreak works as extenders and the ps4 ones doesnt fit snug and it requires a not so ruined rubber to hold coz it has claws to attach itself and rubber analog grips works as grips, not totally replacements.

so if you are really worried about the rubber on analog sticks its ok to put those rubber analog stick grips. And its cheaper than fps freak

Sixstring1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Serious question anyone can answer but does the rubber still peel from the DS4 thumbsticks,or have they sorted that out yet? You'd think that would be one of the first issues solved in the manufacturing process.

vanity291182d ago

They made revisions awhile ago so you should have sturdier rubber grips. My day one controller peeled real fast but the bluewave i bought is still running strong.

What they need to fix is the hinges in the triggers. Those break way too easily.

Kingdomcome2471182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

I have those exact cqc kontrol freek analog stick grips on both my Xbox One and PS4 controllers. I also bought one set of the Vortex grips to try out on one controller for fps games. I really like the cqc grips. I got a really good deal as I bought two combo packages directly from their site that bundled the stick grips with their new controller hand grips. They had a deal for no shipping at the time as well. I really really like the textured controller hand grips. They are really comfy, and they help to alleviate any issues that crop up from time to time with my hands sweating. I highly recommend these, especially the controller hand grips. They are super cushy, and comfy. I especially recommend them if your hands sweat at times like mine. The only small disappointing downside that I found was pertaining to the hand grips. The site as well as the packaging indicated that they were easily removable for reapplication if need be, but whenever I purchased a new controller and went to switch them over the top gripping layer material completely separated from the base layer that contains the adhesive, even though I was very careful, they were rendered unuseable. Aside from that, great stuff! I feel like a paid spokesmen, lol. I've truly enjoy everything that I've bought from them, though.