Super Mario Maker Review: Hold B to Run out and Buy It | The Mary Sue

This really is a masterpiece, and you’re beholden to buy it if you love video games. Are you buying it right now? You should be. Right Now!

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R00bot1185d ago

B is the jump button...

Jokes aside, this game is amazing. I'm finding that I get inspiration to make levels from all over the place, it's really amazing.

deafdani1184d ago

Unless you are playing the original NES version of Super Mario Bros, where B is used to run, A to jump.

But yeah, you're right. In Mario Maker, B is jump.

wonderfulmonkeyman1185d ago

I would, but I'm a few dozen coins short of the price tag.

Being poor sucks...

Picnic1185d ago

Talking about being poor sucks more.

ameliabaz1185d ago

Um....actually being poor would suck far more than talking bout being poor o_O

Picnic1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

My bad. I took it all too literally and, even worse, replied as if I was insensitive if they were destitute.