14 Epic Video Game Romances That Will Level Up Your Heart

Buzzfeed: "These video game couples best represent our relationship goals."

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itsjustexuma1094d ago

Pikachu and Ash are in the list

s45gr321094d ago

For me to the moon (Johnny and River)due to it was the most real, sincere, along with their ups and downs to their relationship. Overall not bad choices except for Jack and Daxter which is more of a friendship than a relationship.

Cy1094d ago

Nathan Drake and Elena are the *worst* relationship though. They constantly break up because they're not the least bit compatible, then get back together while they're high on adrenalin from whatever adventure they just got done with. Leon and Ada are also terrible. Again, no chemistry beyond "she's sexy and aloof, he's young and stupid and doesn't know any better." And don't even get me started on Squall and Rinoa and how incredibly unhealthy whatever they have is. Just, ugh. Why did I read this? This stuff always pisses me off.

Fuck it, Ash and Pikachu for best video game couple ever.

donwel1093d ago

It's buzzfeed man, you should know better than to click on that shit.

Cy1093d ago

I know *hangs head in shame*

luckytrouble1094d ago

Joke's on you, Buzzfeed. I don't have a heart!

Asuka1094d ago

Squall and Rinoa. Rinoa's space scene, and squall at the ending. THE FEELS!

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