The Beautiful Booth Ladies (and Some Dudes) of Tokyo Game Show 2015 Will Brighten Your Sunday

Tokyo Game Show has officially ended, and what better way to close a fun event than with a bit of beauty?

Since a “bit” is never really enough, have a metric ton.

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SaveFerris913d ago

It's nice to see that booth babes are still welcome in Japan and the Asian region.

Anthotis913d ago

How wonderful European societies would be without ridiculous SJW autocracy.

gamer7804913d ago

It's nice to see that attendees and attendants can freely express themselves by the way they look within their country's laws.

Ark_913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

I wholeheartedly agree with your statement ...
only within the borders of my cultural and epochal influenced, subjective standpoint - which is in no way representative for my gourernment, my employer or any other group I was, am or will be connected to.

... you funny forum attendant/attendee.

Tobsesan913d ago

I think you will see "hotter" girls on EVERY other gaming show... i mean i could dress up like a girl and still look better....

cpayne93913d ago

I doubt that and I really don't want to see you try.

Spotie913d ago

I think I disagree with you on every level.

And I think I'd be way hotter as a girl than you.

Last_Boss913d ago

I think you 2 b****es, just nred to duke it out.

Spinak913d ago

Those girls from DeNa got my vote!

KurtRussell913d ago

1 hot chick, few ok ones, few average ones, and the rest are downright ugly. Quite disappointing actually.

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