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AngryJoe, D-Dog & Quiet assemble the Diamond Dogs to Review Kojima's latest and perhaps last Metal Gear Solid Game.

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Rimeskeem1186d ago

So, in other words, a must own masterpiece

WellyUK1186d ago

No. It's just not a must own. It's good but not a masterpiece or even close to being the best game this year.

kranker1186d ago

You really hate this game dont you, ive seen you bash it on every n4g article since it came out. Best playing game this year other than bloodborne. I agree with alot of the complaints with the story because it is bad later on but to say its not a must own is utter horse, especially with mgo dropping in 2 weeks.

Just out of interest what is your goty so far?

sinspirit1186d ago

it still is better than anything else that came out. The gameplay is so solid and this is all before MGO is fully launched for multiplayer.

This IS a must own if you like story and solid unique gameplay experiences. If you just want a FPS, racer, or a typical RPG and that's all you are bound to then it isn't. But, to any true gamer for all genres and all types of gameplay so long as the controls are tight this IS a must own. Don't deny what MGS did for the entire gaming industry. It isn't a niche game.

This isn't "even close to being the best game this year"?

Your reasons are stupid. You posted saying because the missions are about going here and doing this. Okay? But, you praise Destiny which is more linear. Side ops are exactly what they sound like. Side Ops. Not absolutely necessary. And, there are some good ones but you clearly don't have fun with them or get any of the unique ones. Everything you say bad about this game keeps coming back to the rescue missions or stealth. Dude. I have a stun sniper rifle and stun sub machine gun, silenced of course. Stealth is so so easy in this game and it's really only your fault if you get caught. Especially with reflex mode.

Enemies progress with you. Did you forget that? I kept getting headshots so they got helmets. It forced me to change my approach. It is NOT the same. Did you really play enough of this game?

Yes. Many missions were cut out I heard there was going to be another chapter. In that regard it isn't a masterpiece. But, aside from that the gameplay is so solid in the field, the base management is so awesome and easy to do, and obviously the story it does have is great as always. I would not say this has the best story of any MGS game. Not by far. IT is great but it is incomplete. The gameplay however is so perfect and refined it is a new benchmark for this genre. The gun customization, research, base management, buddy system, etcetera. You really can't justify your claims as they apply to many other games including the ones you are praising so much. "Go here do this". Yeah. That's what every game is. Don't complain about side missions when they aren't mandatory and it sounds to me like you aren't good at stealth.

sullynathan1186d ago

Let me guess, the Witcher 3 is a masterpiece right?

WellyUK1186d ago

At no point have I bashed the game in every comment I have made about MGSV has said that the game IS GOOD but IT IS NOT a 10/10 worthy game at all. And I never said Witcher 3 is a masterpiece but in terms of the quality Witcher 3 beats MGSV hands down easily. I'm sorry but games get ripped apart for being repetitive and bland (Destiny For example) but when MGSV comes out and is one of the most repetitive games I've ever played yet it gets 10/10 and people say it's how your playing it, when it isn't all you have to do is look at the objectives of EVERY mission. It's the same thing, rescue the hostage is repeated on 20+ main mission and 70+ on side ops, how is that QUALITY content. That's lazy badly designed content, similar to DA:I's Side ops which were also awful fetch quests.

At no point have I said this game is bad. It isn't but it isn't worthy of anything above an 8/10, because the content is poor yet everyone seems to be raving about it, as if every mission is unique and every side op is different, just because you can approach them differently. That doesn't matter when your just doing the same OBJECTIVE every time. And at the end of the day it's a STEALTH game and if you play it stealth all the way through then you are not doing anything different from the first mission you play, you just have some slightly better stealth gadgets but ultimately your doing the same thing.

My biggest issue is that plenty of games get pulled down for having fetch quests and repetitive mission design (Mad Max for example) which get an 8/10 or lower, then praise a big name game that is made by a very influential dev and give it a 10/10 and just blind side the repetitive design of 90% of the game and the poor quality of the side ops and a lot of the main missions.

Although the game runs fantastic and does have good game play but overall the game doesn't do anything new or amazing to warrant a 10/10. Nothing special about it for me at all.

kranker1185d ago

See Welly I think the exact same about the Witcher. The combat was boring and repetitive and every weapon was exactly the same except for stats. Im not denying the faults in the phantom pain but the CORE gameplay is not only the best in the genre but like I said the best PLAYING game this year hands down and for someone who loves the stealth genre above all others it IS a masterpiece in that respect.
The Witcher was a masterpiece in its world lore and characters but was imo complete garbage in its core gameplay - also i dont remember much variation in its missions and contracts other than - go speak to this NPC - get info on this monster - use witcher senses to track beast and then fight it with the square button! To say tpp missions were repetitive and dock points and then completely overlook a similar repetitiveness in the witcher is hypocritical. Admittedly the witchers story open world and characters were head and shoulders above mgs5 but for me where it matters its a no contest
- however i respect your opinion and to each their own
(sorry for bad punctuation my keyboard is broken)

sinspirit1185d ago


You don't have to outright insult a game to be bashing it. But, boy you sure do appear to be insulting it.

-"If anything MGSV needed more because those side ops are pathetic as are most of the main missions."

-"rescue the hostage is repeated on 20+ main mission and 70+ on side ops"

-"MGS is as simplistic as it gets. It's a third person shooter and nothing unique or amazing about it."
-"So far the game just feels like any third person shooter and has nothing unique about it apart from being an Open world stealth game"

"The script is also utter sh*te."

As I go further back in your history you also insult the crawling mechanism a few times. Specifically because you think you have to crawl everywhere to actually stealth or that you can be spotted "100+m away" while crouching and while it is dark. That is only feasible if it is a sniper and it is day time. Clearly, you were forced to either crawl everywhere because you don't get how to sneak around and other times you just run in guns blazing and end up dying to that one shotgun or armored guy and get mad. I never crawl except when the cover I am using is really low and when I first infiltrate the enemy base and there is risk of being seen. Oh, and obviously if there is a sniper.

Bonus quotes!
-"Yes Mad Max isn't a great game but neither is MGSV"
-"Mad Max is a very good game"
-"it's supposed to be barren..."
Ah, but Afghanistan and Africa aren't?

-"it's a bit repetitive and boring at points"
-"it is boring and repetitive at points"
-"side ops that might as well of come from an MMO"
-"side ops that are more repetitive than an MMO's dailies"
-"MGSV comes out and is one of the most repetitive games I've ever played"
-"just blind side the repetitive design of 90% of the game and the poor quality of the side ops and a lot of the main missions."

-"fetch quests and repetitive mission design"
-"they are fetch quests"
-"they are repetitive fetch quests which i'm sorry but that's just bad"
-"other games get ripped apart for fetch quests yet MGS doesn't?"

WellyUK1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )


You must have an interesting life to go through peoples 3 week old comments...

Most of what I say I have backed up. I am not insulting MGSV at all i'm just saying it's not the 10/10 game people say it is. AT NO POINT HAVE I SAID THE GAME IS BAD but people can easily not play it and not be missing much. But I don't see how anyone can say the mission and side op designs aren't anything but pathetic and poor, you do the same thing for 70% of the game which is rescuing the hostages.

"Ah, but Afghanistan and Africa aren't?" Not when they have multiple towns and villages around the map which should be full of civilians and not just 6 or 7 soldiers and a few sheep running around...

"I never crawl except when the cover I am using is really low and when I first infiltrate the enemy base and there is risk of being seen." I don't believe that as whenever you crouch around they can spot you from 50+ meters away therefore it forces you to crawl the majority of the game.

People bitch and complain about the yearly FPS games being repetitive yet on MGSV your doing the same thing for the majority of the game just like you would in any yearly shooter. I enjoyed the game for the first few hours but after a while it gets stale and uninteresting as you are doing nothing different to the first missions on 30th mission in.

I am however interested to see how the Online pans out.

sinspirit1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )


Have you been to Africa? You think on that entire continent there are towns within walking distance? Lol. No. This isn't featured in a big area of Africa and villages are still not far from each other.

Now you say "50+m away". You originally said 100+. Come on don't change it. That's just ridiculous. If someone spots you then dive. But, 150 feet away? Only if they are on lookout and actively looking for anyone in broad daylight without any brush around for cover.

You don't want to go about missions differently, and it seems like you don't play it properly because these complaints are petty. Are these missions difficult for you? I breeze right through most of them and when I'm tired of them then I don't play them. They aren't mandatory missions.

"You must have an interesting life to go through peoples 3 week old comments... "

I mean. N4G makes it take no more than 5 minutes especially when I just hit ctrl+F to search for specific terms you keep using. What does this do for your claims and repeated bashing of the game?

I don't know any yearly shooter that lets you rescue hostages, evacuate soldiers, fully customize your entire gun, stun or kill as a choice, rescue animals, drive vehicles, use proper stealth or run in guns blazing, manage your home base and soldiers, attack other players bases online, have buddies, mess around with decoys, rocket punch someone in the face, go box sledding, and do other hilarious shenanigans instead of pouting because you only want to play side ops and do it the same way every time.

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TwoForce1186d ago

I'm love MGS 5. Can't wait for MGO 3. This is the best sealth game. This game give you soo much content.

DarkOcelet1186d ago

He said its an almost 10/10. So from his words its more like 9.8 or 9.9/10. Cool. Took him long enough to get that review out though.

1186d ago
WitWolfy1186d ago

He doesnt know the lore for shit. But gives it a 10? Wtf man...

scark921186d ago

Does not make a difference, he mentions the game settles you into the lore in the review.

Gatsu1186d ago

He reviewed the game :), what more can you ask him.

WitWolfy1186d ago

To say the ending was inconplete.

ZombieKiller1185d ago

Actually, I'd like him to stop reviewing games honestly. Lol I just hate angry Joe, his humor and attitude match that of a 9 year old.

Mike041186d ago

Did you even see..its a 9 not a 10

WitWolfy1186d ago

Yayaya was a typo on my part.

JonnyBigBoss1186d ago

Games aren't exclusive to those who have played the games in the series before them. This review is very useful to the millions who have never played Metal Gear before.

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theshredded1186d ago

Glad he enjoyed it, the game's frickin amazing!

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