Steins;Gate 0 Opening Movie Revealed

5pb. has revealed the opening movie for its upcoming visual novel Steins;Gate 0 at the Tokyo Game Show 2015 today.

Steins;Gate 0 will be released for PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 in Japan on November 19, 2015.

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d_g1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

i really liked the anime series

hope this is will be good

donwel1181d ago

They've already released one game over here that (I think) follows the events of the anime (with some different endings). From what I hear Steins;Gate 0 follows what happens from one of the endings where Okabe fails to save Kurisu.
Looks like it will be a good game, hopefully it has the same quality writing as the first game and anime has.

goldwyncq1181d ago

It'll be the story of the Okabe who sent you a message from the future in the climax of the first game, which is part of the true ending.

franwex1181d ago

Looking forward to this! I see that we can use a smart phone instead of a flip phone. Nice!

SaveFerris1181d ago

I just bought the first game and started watching the anime. May pick this one up if it gets released in the West.

SolidGear31181d ago

Better release in the West :3

Revengeance1181d ago

From what I hear this comes with the original Steins;Gate for PS4. Imma wait till this gets localized and have both games on my PS4.

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