Valve hits a Linux landmark—1,500 games available on Steam

When we looked at the state of Linux gaming after its 12-month Valve anniversary, we found nearly 1,000 professional, commercially distributed games available as of February 2015. But this weekend there's an even bigger numeric milestone to celebrate according to the Linux site Phoronix—1,500 Linux titles are currently available through Steam.

The five most popular Linux titles for Steam include major developer offerings like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (the rest of the top five according to Phoronix includes ARK: Survival Evolved, Team Fortress 2, and Dota 2). And this summer, a small indie game called Don't Be Patchman even became the first Linux-exclusive launch on Steam.

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uth111180d ago

That's cool, I much prefer Linux to Windows, and games is the only reason I still have windows at all.

Maybe I'll give another shot at setting up a steamos installation

SniperControl1180d ago

Same boat as you, I'am waiting to jump ship as well, i have Mint installed on a separate partition but at the moment, as a Linux noob, alot of hoops have to be jumped through to get anything installed and working.

Hoping that SteamOS gets rid of all that and makes things easy to use.

joeorc1180d ago

Check it out.

The beta is the to try out, and valve is very good about taking in Questions. And Answers.

donthate1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

"alot of hoops have to be jumped through to get anything installed and working."

That is pretty much why Linux will never gain traction. It's entire core model is like that. Awkward configurations and awkward user interface. For decades the Ubuntu linux has had minimal GUI changes and they all just mimick whatever "popular" OS is out there, and they all look like they belong in the 90s.

MacOS has a bigger chance of gaining meaningful userbase than Linux on Desktop/laptop computers.

Linux is more about the ideology, that actual usage. Windows is just polished, and the changes are just major work under the hood.

uth111179d ago

Installing on Linux is simple these days. All the major distributions have installation tools where you just select what you want and it automatically installs for you.

It's not like the old days where you had to build everything from source code

uth111179d ago

I know, I've dual-booted Linux and win for years. But the last release of SteamOS wouldn't install on my hardware.

I'm hoping the latest version will.

ScorpiusX1180d ago

They are just determinte to make that OS popular. When will they learn it will never be widespread or everywhere like Windows an for as long that windows exsit. JMO

donthate1180d ago

People will jump ship, just like they jumped ship to Linux long time ago, only they didn't!

Sorry, but without the software I use day to day incompatible with Linux, the need to delve in to configuration files that makes it look like software from the 90s and the lack of support, no thanks!

Works great on my web server though, but not on my desktop!

I think the momentum for SteamOS is long gone, and the Windows is back on the upswing. The poor reception of Windows 8 was Valve's opportunity, but instead it was squandered. Windows 10 is massive and by far surpassed Windows 8 in adoption after only a month.

sorceror1711178d ago

"delve in to configuration files"? When was the last time you actually *tried* Linux?

I've gotten several of my relatives on Linux. They use Firefox and Chrome, Thunderbird for email, etc. Can do Word files, spreadsheets, etc. They don't have to edit any config files, and all their hardware "just works". (Heck, Linux is better than Windows in many ways. For example, if you plug in your mouse to a different USB port, you don't have to reinstall the whole frigging driver!)

Admittedly, they aren't gamers. On the other hand, I've been playing more games under Linux - real commercial games like Dead Island, Dying Light, Borderlands 2, Shadow of Mordor, Monstrum, Tower of Guns, etc. (Apparently Alien: Isolation is coming out for Linux soon - that'll be fun. Supposedly Arkham Knight, too, but they can't even get Windows working right.)

Just wait for the Vulkan games next year and beyond. Windows has no advantage there.

And Windows 10 is indeed on an upswing - but it's not converting anyone but people who already run Windows.

uth111179d ago

Linux has already taken over practically everywhere except gaming. It's only a matter of time

Testfire1179d ago

"Linux has taken over practically everywhere"

Lol, no, just stop! As much as I wish Windows had a worthwhile competitor Linux has NEVER threatened to take over any segment of the Windows market share. It's on the fringe and that's where it will always be.

uth111179d ago

Linux beat Windows on servers,
On phones (Android)
On embedded system/set-top boxes

Ms wanted to own all of theses things, they failed. The only thing Linux hasn't conquered is desktops.

donthate1178d ago

By your definition "everywhere" is just "servers" and "embedded systems", because Linux hasn't taken over smart phones or desktop/laptop.

I think people seem to think MS has to be a dominant player in every market, but they don't. Windows Server is huge in the server environment. Most of MS sales are actually to enterprise including SharePoint. MS also makes huge amount of patents every year, and they are reaping that reward by collecting royalties for those patents including those on Android.

At one point MS made more on Android than Google did!

Now that MS got their bearings again, it seems they are no longer attached to a platform as evident that they make iOS and Android apps now for hte most popular applications. Windows 10 is also having a huge upswing so we will see, but Linux is primarily in embedded systems and servers.

LInux on Desktop is non-existant. Even MacOS has a much larger marketshare there.

ChickeyCantor1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

Operating systems running on Linux are free ( at least like 99% ). This benefits educational systems and other insitutions a lot, which means growth for potential software.

There is a lot of potential with linux and it's already growing. It's far bigger now than it was years ago

joeorc1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

@castillo + 3m ago
"They are just determinte to make that OS popular. When will they learn it will never be widespread or everywhere like Windows an for as long that windows exsit. JMO"

Many thought the same thing about Windows Mobile for the base Smartphone for powering a way was Apple's iOS ever going to be that popular. With a $500.00 price point Subsidized with no keyboard. No business client will be interested into that phone since it does not have a Keyboard.

Back in 2007 Steve b. Thought the same way when windows mobile up to that point, took out palm inc's palm pilot OS for the #1 OS for not only PDA's but also the very Term "smartphone" was coined because of Microsoft's Windows CE , pocket PC & evolution to Windows Mobile from Pocket PC 2000 to Windows Mobile 6.1 for over 8 years Microsoft's Windows OS was the leader in Mobile device OS for Advanced OS mobile devices.

Now .. not only is Apple iOS, but Also Google's Android OS is also not only as popular but is Infact on more mobile devices and is being used by more consumers that a mobile Windows OS even has.

The point being now there is just as viable Popular OS's outside of Microsoft's Windows.

With Valve heading up a Linux made OS designed by Gamers for Gamers. You cannot dismiss this fact, that just like Steve B. Thought when Apple released the iPhone for the 1st time that , there would be no way it could be popular. Let alone Google also releasing another OS that also gained massive popularity. To think to be dismissive about it may end up making you look very foolish. Just ask how Steve B thinks about his attitude toward iOS and Android now.

IrishSt0ner1180d ago

Valve doesn't head up Linux, they promote it's use as a viable alternative to Windows. It's not an OS 'for gamers by gamers', it's an open-source OS created in the early 90s to always be free for all PC users. It holds a very small percentage in the desktop PC market (around 2%), we primarily use it on servers so it's pretty much always been the largest OS used on servers and mainframes.

Linux does have the largest install base overall due to Android OS... thing is that suits Microsoft, they recieve royalties on every Android product sold as Android infringes on MS patents. MS makes more money from Android than Windows mobile.

People tend to underestimate just how much control MS has in technology due to thier patents, another example is they get royalites of every single SD card sold (they own FAT32 rights).

It been this way for years now, nothing has changed... MS dominates the home and business desktop OS market (see 1 billion expected Windows10 devices in it's first year), Linux dominates servers and networks, Android dominates handheld devices.

My point is it's incorrect to assume this ecosystem is changing anytime soon. I'd love for Linux to gain market share in the PC desktop space, but true to form MS killed any possibilty of that with the first year free upgrade.

joeorc1180d ago

@IrishSt0ner + 4m ago
"Valve doesn't head up Linux, they promote it's use as a viable alternative to Windows. It's not an OS 'for gamers by gamers', it's an open-source OS created in the early 90s to always be free for all PC users. It holds a very small percentage in the desktop PC market (around 2%), we primarily use it on servers so it's pretty much always been the largest OS used on servers and mainframes. "

The Build of Ubuntu that Valve is designing for Steam hardware, is a Linux OS that is being designed for gamers for gamers!

Its a "Linux Build"

And I never stated otherwise, its not just a Linux OS being prompted. The Linux build that valve is making for gamers is made by Gamers. valve is a game company along with publishing games, its about designing a LinuxOS for "Gamers" to be geared as a Gamers OS!

Its not just taking a Linux OS that's out there and tweaking it for gaming. This is a build from the ground up for gaming. Linux now has Vulkan Api to have more driver support for the Graphics cards that before Linux really never had this..until now.

IrishSt0ner1178d ago

Oh you're talking about SteamOS, it's shares the same core OS as Ubuntu... Debian.

SteamOS is a custom built GUI for TVs so yea it's definitely a purely gaming OS... from Valve:

"Users should not consider SteamOS as a replacement for their desktop operating system. SteamOS is being designed and optimized for the living room experience"

It'll make PC gaming much more inviting... Steam machines will be plug and play, as easy to use as a console, and can be upgraded whenever you want.

I suppose I was a bit hung up on semantics when the juice of what you're saying is absolutely correct.. Valve being are the prime mover for Linux support in games (and driver support as a result), they've always championed it in the face of MS Windows... heck I say it's safe to say they're solely responsible for PC gamings vibrancy today.

Personally, my main excitement from Valve is the incoming Source 2.0 game engine, that'll support Vulkan and DX12, I honestly can't think of a better scaling game engine than Source. Plus can't wait to get my hands on their weird touchpad controller.

_LarZen_1179d ago

That's one game for each Linux user.

superterabyte1179d ago

Anyone ever told you that you look like a 3rd rate Bradley Cooper. Also Linux is a great OS and more popular than you'd think.

FreakyFox1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

I think when Vulkan breeds with Linux, we are going to see all the diffent flavours of Linux burst into life with the basic features and simplicity people need to move away from this Monopoly monsters called Windows.

Before when OpenGL used to get talked about in the headlines, its was the Hardware companies, now Vulkan has been announced, game developers are showing up to the party wanting more control and more of a say in how things should be done, because they want change, its that simple.

Their is a reason Windows 10 is the last OS from Microsoft, because they know whats coming and they have to get their marketshare in order, so they ram DX12 and Windows 10 down peoples throat as fast as they can, so they can be first to the table with a low-level API and convince vendors that they dont need anything else other than DX12, and its the reason why AMD/Mantle got shadowed, so i would say the API war is personel now that the Mantle spec as been thrown on the table at The Kronos Group.

With how many companies are supporting Vulkan, one might say it is designed not to fail.

I know one thing..... i'm ready for a change.