Who Wants To Play Video Games On A Movie Screen?

Harkins Theatres who have gone from a single cinema in Phoenix to one of the largest family owned chains in the country has a very interesting offer for gamers. for just $100.00 an hour, you can play your favorite PS4 and Xbox One games on the big screen with the cinema sound.

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DarkOcelet1185d ago

100 bucks for an hour? Thats a ripoff.

Garethvk1184d ago

Full cinema, giant screen, state of the art sound, it is supposed to be as part of a party or event with friends.

DarkOcelet1184d ago

Yeah but getting it for 8 hours is 800 bucks. I could get an XOne and PS4 with that price.

But like you said, its a part of a party or an event so most likely a normal citizen will not get it.

Garethvk1184d ago

So true. If it qas a Birthday or gaming event I could see ok, 2-4 hours if we all chip in. Note they limit the hours to usually before Noon and such so doing a long session would be harder. Great idea for a launch party or tournament.