The creators of Amnesia want to fix what Resident Evil and Silent Hill broke

This year, Frictional is breaking new ground with their upcoming title, machine-based chiller SOMA. Not only is it the first game the team has developed since Amnesia's blowout success (Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs was published by Frictional, but was co-developed with The Chinese Room), but it's also their first title ever produced for console. Even with those changes, the team's main goal remains the same: create the ultimate horror game, unhampered by the distracting trends that too many horror titles embrace.

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1185d ago
Empire X1185d ago

Then maybe they will give us a game where we can actually fight back.

Ashunderfire861185d ago

Alien Isolation to this day was the scariest game in my opinion.

Ashunderfire861185d ago

Yes I did tried Outlast, which was a well crafted horror game. But that Aliemmmm(saying it for humor) is too scary.

Justiceleague1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Still can't decide to get this for my PS4 or PC. Guess it comes down to the price

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