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Invokers Tournament is a decent first foray into MOBA territory on PS Vita, packing entertaining multiplayer battles and an array of different equipment and weapons. It’s held back by some quirky pacing issues and an evident lack of abilities, but it should provide a good amount of fun to those looking for a competent online experience.

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Skellytorx1180d ago

Sounds like a fun game for the Vita. The only MOBA I really got into playing was (and still is) League of Legends on PC. So this could make a nice little substitute when being away from the computer.

Maple221180d ago

Seems a shame that this could be let down a bit by its pacing. Although for a first foray into the MOBA genre it isn't surprising that there are some issues. It does look like it could be a bit of fun though.

Yukes1179d ago

Bit of a saturated market but the poor Vita needs all the games it can get!

Flatty931179d ago

This looks pretty good! Unfortunately I just fail at playing MOBAs :s