PSN Down Reports for PS4 Popping up Online, Sony Says “Some Services Experiencing Issues”

Want to play some online gaming this weekend on your PlayStation 4? You better hope you’re one of the people not affected by downtime as it seems the PlayStation Network is down once again for a lot of people worldwide.

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mindtwang1154d ago

Why doesn't PSN ever work for more than 12 hours straight? >.<

Genuine-User1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Your fallacious statement is going to please the fanboys and cause a passionate reaction.

XBLSkull1154d ago

Bummer, isn't that 2 days in a row now?

Dir_en_grey1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Playstationlifestyle has really became an anti Playstation site for quite some years now with retarded stealth bad reviews and articles w/ over-blown claim articles like this. Maybe they have a grudge from being black-listed like Kotaku did or something for leaking Last Guardian.

All these down time stories pop up right away when it's down for like 10 minutes is ridiculous. PS Store and each game also run on different servers.
Probably better to check with your own ISP PSLS writer isntead of blaming everything on Sony because it always worked fine for myself and in the comment section of your N4G articles whenever I see them.

1153d ago
Peace_Love_and_FPS1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )


I hate to entertain the trolls so this comment really isn't meant to do that but it's not just the store. I game share (primary on my friends and vice versa) which essentially makes my PS4 DRM and I can't play driveclub right now :P

Logged in, then logged out 5 seconds later, not sure what the problem could be if the store is down too, possibly F***ery from lizard squad again -_-

I can also see friends list, and the games their playing online (like Jack below me) so it's varied user to user

mindtwang1152d ago

You guys really don't get hyperbole, huh?

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JackBNimble1154d ago

I rarely have issues with psn and the only problem that I am having is I can't get in the psn store page. I can still play anything online.

Avernus1154d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Must be your connection...

Edit: Between yesterday and today, I've experience a total of 10 minutes offline. I'm no hardcore defender of PSN, but some people exaggerate the sh*t of the down the time. I'm not saying people don't experience longer downtimes, but there are people that don't experience ANY downtime, while others experience very little.

You saying you experience downtime every 12 hours... ok, sure.

GamingWithMack1154d ago

Hopefully they sort this quick... #RaidNight

dRanzer1153d ago

i can tell you are playing A LOT my friend

Genuine-User1153d ago

Most of my my gaming is done on the PS4.

Flyingdog6701154d ago

Was on 10 min ago :/ always feel like I miss these "down times" lol

Summons751153d ago

Nope same here. Nearly every time there has been a "PSN IS DOWN FOR DAYZ, END OF THE WORLD" articles pop up, I'm sitting there the entire time with no problem online with friends with no problems.

AutoCad1153d ago

Thats because if you are already logged in it doesnt affect you..

It wouldnt let me log in earlier but now im on

Majin-vegeta1153d ago

@Auto Bs I was on my PS3 playing and decided to get off it and went straight to PS4 and was able to log in righr away.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1153d ago


FALSE. Literally preordering battlefront the second it went down, purchase went through but I can only see it in my library on the website and can't access the store to try to get the timer set to predownload.

isa_scout1153d ago

Even more funny is the fact that I read most of these articles through my PS4 web app while online talking to friends in party chat. I guess my friends and I are some of those people never effected by these "downtimes".

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