Virtuix Omni and PlayStation VR: Hands-On Preview by a Virtual Reality Virgin | Power Up Gaming

Austin Flynn writes: "I was lucky enough to recently dive into the world of virtual reality, by trying out both the Sony Morpheus (since renamed PlayStation VR) and the Virtuix Omni. As it was my first ever VR experience, I was able to receive a completely fresh look at not only these specific hardware models, but the technology as a whole; a rare opportunity for someone who has been gaming for their whole life. And, after my time with the units, I can officially say the advertisements are true: the future really is now."

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traumadisaster1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

When you read the description of all these psvr games there only goofy tech demos. Similar to move and kinect games, that just was lacking.

Until a major aaa player releases something, such as ND,PD,QD,KZ it's all just crap games and will not be mainstream.

SegaSaturn6691186d ago

I echo your sentiment. I just want a game where you play as a leaky syringe full of HIV infected blood hopping around in a nursery.

Brugal1186d ago

Nice write up. I can't wait to try this tech out at some point. I wonder if they'll ever implement this for therapeutic or educational purposes.

mogwaii1185d ago

Im starting to fear it will all be an expensive gimmick, I got caught up in th hype but my view is changing with every game I see coming to psvr, if we get no mans sky, the witness ectthat may change my mind.