Zelda's Kakariko Village Looks Stunning In Unreal Engine 4

TheArabGamer writes: "While we are still waiting to get new info on Nintendo's open world HD Zelda game, we at least have this to tide us over."

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Geobros1095d ago

Just wow!!! One of my favorite games with great graphs!

3-4-51094d ago

The charm of the Nintendo art style isn't there.

It still looks good though.

nosferatuzodd1093d ago

Indeed you can't replicate perfection you just can't

Yukes1094d ago

My God...that was so beautiful it tugged at my heart strings. I kept hoping you could climb the tower and look out across all of Hyrule so beautifully recreated.

DarkOcelet1094d ago

Zelda on NX should seriously look like this. So stunning.

filchron1094d ago

Dark Ocelot this UE4 demo is particularly well done but the Mario UE4 demo was a little on the dry side. I wouldnt mind seeing a Zelda title with this level of Fidelity but Im hoping Nintendo's own engines for their NX titles can up the presentation game even further like they did in the N64 era. A Mario NX title that looks like this: http://www.hanging-waters.c... http://www.superluigibros.c... is more what Im hoping for but If they can make a Mario NX title as presentable as this Zelda demo then I'll be all for it as well.

mad-dog1094d ago

Well done!
I'm not a fan of the art-direction, but then again, the art-direction in OoT was horrible compared to this.

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The story is too old to be commented.