Top 15 Amazing Games That You Can Beat In One Sitting

Just because a game is short, doesn't mean that it's bad. Here are some of the best games that can be beat in one sitting.

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ArchangelMike1002d ago

Great to see Until Dawn at number 2, I guess Supermassive games hit the right note with that game. I would say though that the game is a little too long for one sitting. 8-9hrs is a long sitting, I this I did it in 3 sittings iirc.

Christopher1000d ago

Yeah, was about to say... I've heard from people who have completed it in 8 hours and not much sooner on their first run. Seems like a kinda long game to play in one sitting.

elarcadia1000d ago

I did it in one sitting. It was amazing. Took about 7-8 hours I think. It's no different than having a Star Wars or LOTR marathon haha.

rainslacker1000d ago (Edited 1000d ago )

I did it in one sitting. Started at 7pm, finished at 4am on my first play through. Took a couple short breaks in there. Didn't even realize it got so late. Guess it just depends on how long your gaming sessions are.

My second trophy run through took about another 8 hours, and did it over 2 days, with a strategic save about halfway through.

jon_snow1002d ago

Every COD and Battlefield game.

Detox0241000d ago

any game you can beat in pne sitting is a rental nothing more. i own the snes games on that list and played the arcade games when the price drops but none of those games are worth purchasing to me. all solid rentals though.

ThatArtGuy1000d ago

Gee, I wish I had a place to rent Mega Man 2 and SMB 3. This comment reminds me of the phrase, "I only watch movies once, so I never buy them."

To each their own, I guess.

Takwin1000d ago

You are making the often incorrect assumption that people treat games like throwaway TV shows. Many gamers want to replay games for extra content and different perspectives, or new game+ and difficulty increases, as well as the trophy hunters.

If I only play a game once, it probably wasn't very good in the first place.

Perjoss1000d ago

Dead Rising was designed to be finished in exactly 6 hours, it was made this way as it was made to be played through a few times in order to see everything. Lots of endings and special events etc.

rainslacker1000d ago

Finishing this game on your first play through doesn't mean you're done with the game. Particularly in this genre. Full plat will probably take about 20 hours...if you use a guide. Probably much longer if you try to do it without help.

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Der_Kommandant1000d ago (Edited 1000d ago )

Witcher 3

One very long sitting

BlackTar1871000d ago (Edited 1000d ago )

lol now that's funny

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