Star Wars: Uprising Review | IGN

Star Wars: Uprising delivers on a promise of a simple action-game fix for an hour or so a day without paying a dime, but it’s far from a memorable Star Wars game

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NukaCola1001d ago

Downloaded it after seeing a trailer. It's ok. This just reiterates that the phone can't be a true gaming platform for any core experiences.

3-4-51001d ago

phone controls are so limiting. It's like going back to pre-atari

Meatyboy1001d ago

Haha after all the hype it's been getting and it gets 5.5. I knew dice couldn't be trusted after bf4.

crusf1001d ago

This wasn't developed by DICE. Using any opportunity to put down Battlefront is sad and unnecessary

Baka-akaB1001d ago

Careful you're drooling ...

annoyedgamer1001d ago

Is this the first major SW release since the rights were handed over to your good friends at EA?

crusf1001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

Nope. Not really a major release since it's a mobile game plus it has nothing to do with EA or DICE.