Final Fantasy XV Director On Chocobos, Moogles, And More From The TGS 2015 ATR

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata had a bunch of questions to answer during their Active Time Report at Tokyo Game Show.

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DarkOcelet1183d ago

"Should they add content to the game via DLC, it will always be for free. For example, if they are to add airships through DLC, it will be a free download."

Ok, thats what i wanted to hear.

ISHU1183d ago

That's nice from them. Hopefully other developers follow this policy too instead of giving us an incomplete game and asking money for it.

Gatsu1183d ago

That's amazing news, free DLC ftw :) and stuff like Gilgamesh :O !

Can't wait to ride mah kawaii Chocobos and hoping there will be lots of Moogles :D.

Magicite1183d ago

great news, just like the witcher.

Eiyuuou1183d ago

I'd like to moogles! I really hope they will add them in the end!

Kurisu1183d ago

Me too, kupo!

If Moogles were to be added Id love them to be inspired by the FFXII Moogles. I think something like them would be more fitting in the FFXV universe then say Mog *shivers* from FFXIII-2.

Gatsu1183d ago

Same here kupooo! I love FFIX because of so many moogles :D.