Time To Upgrade Your Xbox One Controller

With the release date confirmed it may be a good time to plan when to pick up your new Xbox Elite Controller. Alex riffs on all right reasons to pick one up.

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loopygames981d ago

Costco had them on sale for pre-order at $125 a few weeks ago until they sold out...

4Sh0w981d ago (Edited 981d ago )

Nyxus, I hear ya...but I always say the Elite controller aren't for everyone anymore than other pro controllers, racing wheels, or other high dollar accessories are for everyone or even a lot of the typical hardcore gamers and its definitely not something the average game fan will buy.

My nephews and some of the folks I know who game won't be buying an Elite controller but I can't say no to a quality game accessory, especially a controller, mine is already paid for.

ScorpiusX981d ago

Getting the bundle in November can't wait.

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gangsta_red981d ago

No thanks, but I will invest in the white controller when i see it.

Lon3wolf981d ago

Nice but above my price range.

981d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.