Comcept Confirms Delay Of Mighty No. 9 Demo

Earlier today Comcept officially confirmed the delay of the long awaited platformer title Mighty No. 9. Backers of the project received an email revealing the demo was delayed because they want to deliver the demo "DRM-free without time restrictions."

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nick3091184d ago

next up, a delay for the delay.

3-4-51183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

* I'll say it:

* This game never looked good or interesting.

You just burst zoom across each map with ease and it's literally nothing like any kind of Megaman.

The music isn't as good, the graphics aren't as appealing, the level design and background art isn't as appealing, and the core mechanics aren't nearly as good or fun to play.

* This NEVER looked like a good game and I just don't understand why everyone got so excited.

You literally do the same one move over and over and over again cheesing your way across the level.

It doesn't seem fun. Never has. I've yet to see one fun looking game.

* The Mighty Gunvolt FREE game is better than this.

gantarat1183d ago

let it go let it go can't hold it back anymore.

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