Yoshida: People Will “Totally Understand” Why Gravity Rush 2 Is PS4 Only

In an interview conducted at Tokyo Game Show 2015 by PlayStation LifeStyle’s Heath Hindman, Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios, talked a bit about the PlayStation Vita and Gravity Rush 2, which is only coming to the PlayStation 4.

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-Foxtrot1184d ago

I'm glad it's on PS4

We have Tearaway and now Gravity Rush, we just need Golden Abyss now

SaveFerris1184d ago

I agree. Hopefully it'll push sales for the PS4 and for the series itself.

never4get1184d ago

Agree, AAA Japanese Home Console Games future depends on PS4 sales trajectory of in Japan. Yoshida probably wants more Japanese AAA exclusive games for PS4.

miyamoto1184d ago

I hope Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo see this game to prove that all that PS4 power is not just "for realistic looking games that looks the same. "

badz1491183d ago

I think this is the way they are trying to push the PS4 sales even more in Japan. the 1st game has garnered a lot of fans on the Vita and now that the sequel is going to be on PS4, those who only own the Vita will have to buy a PS4 for the game and the good news is, they can still enjoy it on their Vita via remote play. Sony wins!

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Xavior_Reigns1184d ago

Most Vita fanatics won't like it, but I'll rather see promising Vita IPs have a chance at glory than be forgotten.

We need the sequels of Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice, etc now along with a remaster of the originals.

NewMonday1184d ago

those 3 games are the best to come out of Sony Japan Studios since the days of PS2, they can be big AAA franchises on the PS4, especially Soul Sacrifice

guitarded771184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Golden Abyss is a great Vita game, but I don't think it would translate will to PS4. It just doesn't hold up to the console versions of Uncharted.

someOnecalled1184d ago

What else they are going to say? Y'all was right we are giving up on vita. Now it's a good thing there is no reason to buy one and all the people that was worried about this that was bashed is somehow right but we're not gonna admit it and just say sony is doing great. So what's the point in people buying vita again people keep flip flopping.

Now the people that state sony was abandoning vita was right but people are spinning this like now tomorrow.

jb2271183d ago

Really would love to finally get my hands on Golden Abyss. Huge fan of the series but I've never been big on handhelds, It doesn't seem too likely at this point as I feel like it had the chance to work on PSTV & it never did come over, then they had the chance to release it w/ the UC collection to no avail. I've got the feeling we will never see that game on consoles, but I'd love to be proven wrong.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1184d ago

Should I buy the first one though. Already beat it on vita. Meh why not. They did say it would have all the dlc and some extras right?

Spyroo1184d ago

Will include all DLC, 1080p 60fps and remastered by the best remaster team ever, Bluepoint games, they do the best Remasters not like other lazy port devs, Bluepoint the same ones working on Uncharted Collection Remasters. So this will be good.

Persistantthug1184d ago

I've never played Gravity Rush before, but this game looks fairly interesting. Is it gonna have a retail physical copy?

DualWielding1184d ago

at least in Japan they confirmed it will

jon_snow1184d ago

Yes it's gonna have physical release;Remaster worldwide on Feb and Sequel TBA 2016.

WeAreLegion1184d ago

Honestly, I'm surprised they accomplished what they did on the Vita. I'm so glad they're unlocking its full potential on PS4.

raWfodog1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Yeah, I had fun with the Vita title as well. Beautiful game, great mechanics.

I think its a good idea to make it a PS4 exclusive so that they can devote their resources to making it the best they can without having to also develop a Vita port. Plus it may help them to push a few more PS4's in Japan.

someOnecalled1184d ago

So there should be no games for vita since its not as powerful as ps4. PS fanboy logic. I'm glad ninty don't say dumb $h!t like this their fans would have a fit. It seem its only on the PS fanbase that let everything slide. No matter what game it is its gonna be limited on vita. They are already hitting the limit of the so called super next gen consoles.

Sony could say get a job another if you don't have a ps4 to play gravity rush 2 and people will still kiss their a$$

Revengeance1183d ago

Dafuq? He didn't say anything like that.

WeAreLegion1183d ago

What the crap? PS fanboy says a game should move from one PS system to another PS system? What are you smoking, dude? I love my Vita, but let's be realistic about this. The PS4 is a much more capable machine and this series deserves a more powerful platform.

PizzaSteve1184d ago

I was gonna get Vita one day for Uncharted Golden Abyss but now I doubt it. I'd wait to see if it hits PS4.

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