Shuhei Yoshida Talks About PlayStation VR in the Asian Market

When talking about VR he said they change the name to PlayStation VR so that general public know that VR is coming to PlayStation. They are still on track to launch in H1 2016.

Shuhei Yoshida also mentioned that Ni-Oh shot straight to the top of his most favourite third party game list for 2016 when he found out what the game was about and how it was like Onimusha but much more like Dark Souls where it is easy to die and impossible to complete first time.

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sammarshall1021102d ago

I like what I've seen so far. I do think it should separate itself more from the Soul's games though

masterfox1102d ago

Spot on Shu!, that why I'm so hype for Ni-oh, I think I played all Onimusha games and those were freaking awesome, liked the slow paced/Combat waiting for that precise moment to counterattack along side great exploration elements.

So damn interested in this one! :D

_-EDMIX-_1102d ago

Agreed! Wiped out the PS2 a few weeks ago to play them lol

VsAssassin1102d ago

Ni-Oh really tool the cake for me at the Sony TGS!

Majin-vegeta1102d ago

Glad too see all these people taken a liking to NI OH.I personally have been waiting for this game since it was announced and 11 years later it will be here.