Uncharted Trophies have been released!

PSBeyond writes: The day has come, one of Sony's best games has finally gotten the trophie treatment. The file is about 13MB and contains 47 trophies, 17 hidden ones and 1 platinum. Hopefully this will give people the incentive to play the game again; we know we will...

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Le-mo3667d ago

Europe finally gets something first. Kudos.

Rich16313667d ago

Why isn't everything just a worldwide simultaneous release? Yeah, it's cool you guys get it first make me sad!

MazzingerZ3667d ago

Uncharted Platinum was just released last friday, that's why I'm guessing.

tweaker3667d ago

Can somebody please explain to me as to why the patch isn't a worldwide simultaneous release?

gaffyh3667d ago

oh man, now I need to get this game again.

jaysquared3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

"Hopefully this will give people the incentive to play the game again;"

You know what would keep people from putting the game away or selling away so they don't have to play it again because they've been playing it this whole time? Online MP..

Funny how Sony fans are getting excited about trophies when everyone of them were bashing the 360s achievement system calling cheesy and how its ruining gaming because of the so called "achivement whores"..

dantesparda3666d ago

And here is jaysquared with his usual sh!t talking and pro-360 fanboy sh!t. Do you ever give it a rest?

ravinash3666d ago

Time to plug this bad boy back in.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3666d ago

I dont know why, but I feel that I must buy this game...uh oh corporate brainwashing beginning to take effect...ah!

mfwahwah3666d ago

You don't have Uncharted :o. It's an amazing game, I whole heartedly command you to get it!

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TheHater3667d ago

WTF? So the trophies is out for this game already? Well I am getting the game next week

PS360WII3667d ago

Cool I wouldn't mind giving this one more round of play ^^

BabyStomper50003666d ago

Yeah I think I'll rent it again, wouldn't really buy a game for "trophies". But then again I wouldn't really play one either. This game is actually worth renting more than once. Who'da thunkit?

Fishy Fingers3667d ago

Guess I now what I'll be playing through again tonight :)

UnblessedSoul3667d ago

Cool looks like I'll be playing this once again