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Uncharted Trophies have been released!

PSBeyond writes: The day has come, one of Sony's best games has finally gotten the trophie treatment. The file is about 13MB and contains 47 trophies, 17 hidden ones and 1 platinum. Hopefully this will give people the incentive to play the game again; we know we will... (PS3, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune)

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Le-mo  +   2337d ago
Europe finally gets something first. Kudos.
Rich1631  +   2337d ago
Why isn't everything just a worldwide simultaneous release? Yeah, it's cool you guys get it first but...it make me sad!
MazzingerZ  +   2337d ago
Uncharted Platinum was just released last friday, that's why I'm guessing.
tweaker  +   2337d ago
Can somebody please explain to me as to why the patch isn't a worldwide simultaneous release?
gaffyh  +   2337d ago
oh man, now I need to get this game again.
jaysquared  +   2337d ago
"Hopefully this will give people the incentive to play the game again;"

You know what would keep people from putting the game away or selling away so they don't have to play it again because they've been playing it this whole time? Online MP..

Funny how Sony fans are getting excited about trophies when everyone of them were bashing the 360s achievement system calling cheesy and how its ruining gaming because of the so called "achivement whores"..
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dantesparda  +   2337d ago
And here is jaysquared with his usual sh!t talking and pro-360 fanboy sh!t. Do you ever give it a rest?
ravinash  +   2337d ago
Time to plug this bad boy back in.
Pr3-M3d_G4M3R  +   2337d ago
I dont know why, but I feel that I must buy this game...uh oh corporate brainwashing beginning to take effect...ah!
mfwahwah  +   2337d ago
You don't have Uncharted :o. It's an amazing game, I whole heartedly command you to get it!
Pr3-M3d_G4M3R  +   2337d ago
I'll take your advice!
TheHater  +   2337d ago
WTF? So the trophies is out for this game already? Well I am getting the game next week
PS360WII  +   2337d ago
Cool I wouldn't mind giving this one more round of play ^^
BabyStomper5000  +   2337d ago
Yeah I think I'll rent it again, wouldn't really buy a game for "trophies". But then again I wouldn't really play one either. This game is actually worth renting more than once. Who'da thunkit?
Fishy Fingers  +   2337d ago
Guess I now what I'll be playing through again tonight :)
UnblessedSoul  +   2337d ago
Cool looks like I'll be playing this once again
sinncross  +   2337d ago
Wait, hidden trophies?

that is so awesome!!!
blusoops  +   2337d ago
so this is only for europe?
Can someone in the US confirm this? I can't cause i'm stuck at work! :(
Rich1631  +   2337d ago
Only in Europe, right now. I just checked and I didn't get an update. SUCKAGE!!!!!!!!!!
solidt12  +   2337d ago
I have a Europe account and a US account. Im going to log in and see if its there. If so I am going to play this game all day.
CaptainHowdy  +   2337d ago
but then you'll have the trophies on the wrong account...US...PLEASE
solidt12  +   2337d ago
Dang, too bad, even with Europe account you can't get it. Maybe it will come out in US today also. Im gonna go check the Playstation blog.
VampHuntD  +   2337d ago
Thia is what I was waiting for.
And now we see the might of trophies. People are going to replay the game to get them and have fun doing it. Now if other games I have would get them I'd play those more too (I'm looking at you EOJ...)
SixTwoTwo  +   2337d ago
Burekman  +   2337d ago
Anyone else getting the Error 80710102 treatment???

In other words, I can't download the update.

EDIT: guess just the server went down for a couple of minutes works fine now.
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Brixxer600  +   2337d ago
Time to get this game again
FAQS  +   2337d ago
Q: Europe first?
A:...and they say SCEE are bad for us! Thank you SCEE!
Mikelarry  +   2337d ago
now this is a game worth getting trophies for. now i can begin collecting
Bigrhyno  +   2337d ago
What a coincidence, Uncharted should be arriving in the mail today from Gamefly. Hopefully I can beat the game before trophies come out in America. I want my profile to be clean.
mindedone  +   2337d ago
I don't understand
You don't want trophies?
SL1M DADDY  +   2337d ago
For a second there I thought this was for NA. At least I still have a couple weeks for the NA update on the 22nd of this month. That way I can still try and get the trophies in Eden. Some of them are a pain!
PS360WII  +   2337d ago
Aww US isn't getting this till the 22nd :(
blusoops  +   2337d ago
those eden trophies are effin hard! I've only been able to get 4 and i've been putting a lot of time into it. (not that i'm complaining) the sorry part is that they're all bronze except 1...which is silver. I find these are a lot harder to get than the SSHD trophies.
Irving  +   2337d ago
I have US version, still no update :(
Mr PS3  +   2337d ago
Was'nt expecting that
Gonna Get my first Trophy and then some tonight
Ric Flair  +   2337d ago
Whooooooooo !!!!!!
Oner  +   2337d ago
I chuckle every time Rick Flair, damn you! lol
riksweeney  +   2337d ago
Bubbles for the first person to print the trophy list
fafoon  +   2337d ago
Same as the
Ingame Trophy's
And the Platinum is for Getting all the Trophy's
Hagaf22  +   2337d ago
hes referring to the "hidden ones"
ActionBastard  +   2337d ago
* 10 Headshots: Kill 10 enemies with headshots
* 20 Kills Desert-5: Kill 20 enemies using the Desert-5
* 20 Kills Mk-NDI: Kill 20 enemies using Mk-NDI grenades
* 20 Kills Wes-44: Kill 20 enemies using the Wes-44
* 30 Headshots: Kill 30 enemies with headshots
* 30 Kills Dragon Sniper: Kill 30 enemies using the Dragon Sniper
* 30 Kills M79: Kill 30 enemies using the M79
* 30 Kills MP40: Kill 40 enemies using the MP40
* 50 Kills 92FS-9mm: Kill 50 enemies using the 92FS-9mm
* 50 Kills AK47: Kill 50 enemies using the AK47
* 50 Kills M4: Kill 50 enemies using the M4
* 50 Kills Micro-9mm: Kill 50 enemies using the Micro-9mm
* 50 Kills Moss-12: Kill 50 enemies using the Moss-12
* 50 Kills PM-9mm: Kill 50 enemies using the PM-9mm
* 50 Kills SAS-12: Kill 50 enemies using the SAS-12
* 100 Headshots: Kill 100 enemies with headshots
* Advanced Fortune Hunter: Obtain 35 treasures
* Beginner Fortune Hunter: Obtain five treasures
* Brutal Brawler: Kill 5 enemies using Brutal Combo
* Brutal Expert: Kill 5 enemies in a role using Brutal Combo
* Brutal Slugger: Kill 20 enemies using Brutal Combo
* Charted!-Crushing: Complete every chapter with Crushing difficulty
* Charted!-Easy: Complete every chapter with Easy difficulty
* Charted!-Hard: Complete every chapter with Hard difficulty
* Charted!-Normal: Complete every chapter with Normal difficulty
* Crack Fortune Hunter: Obtain 55 treasures
* Dyno-Might!: Kill 3 enemies with a single explosion
* Enthusiastic Fortune Hunter: Obtain 15 treasures
* Expert Dyno-Might: Kill 3 enemies with a single explosion 5 times
* Expert Fortune Hunter: Obtain 50 treasures
* First Treasure: Obtain one treasure
* Grenade Hangman: Kill 10 enemies using grenades while hanging from a ledge
* Hangman: Kill 10 enemies using firearms while hanging from a ledge
* Headshot Expert: Kill 5 enemies in a row with headshots
* Intermediate Fortune Hunter: Obtain 20 treasures
* Master Fortune Hunter: Obtain 60 treasures
* Novice Fortune Hunter: Obtain ten treasures
* Professional Fortune Hunter: Obtain 40 treasures
* Proficient Fortune Hunter: Obtain 30 treasures
* Relic Finder: Obtain the Strange Relic
* Run-and-Gunner: Kill 20 enemies using firearms without aiming with L1
* Senior Fortune Hunter: Obtain 45 treasures
* Skilled Fortune Hunter: Obtain 25 treasures
* Stealth Attacker: Kill 20 enemies using melee from behind
* Steel Fist: Kill 5 enemies with a single punch after weakening them with gunfire
* Steel Fist Expert: Kill 5 enemies in a row with a single punch after weakening them with gunfire
* Survivor: Kill 50 enemies in a row without dying

Enjoy you lucky European bastards!
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Hagaf22  +   2337d ago
well its good to see a long list of trophies to get.
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riksweeney  +   2337d ago
Thanks Action Bastard. Bubbles.

Edit: wasn't looking for the hidden ones, but they would have been nice. Thought the list would be the same as the in-game ones.
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fafoon  +   2337d ago
Here Hagaf
This might Help

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apoc615  +   2337d ago
If the trophys are ready why not release worldwide ? Maybe sony feels sorry for europe for once,congrats guys.......
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2337d ago
Nice one!!! ;-P
Uncharted:Drake's Trophies here i come!!! ;-P

Update -
1 Disagree already??? ;-D I didn't even sl*g off the xBox 360 for once!!! ;-D
Oh well here it goes...This game looks better than any Sh*t on the xBox 360!!! ;-D Happy now!!! ;-D
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RAM MAGNUMS  +   2337d ago
when does it come out for America?!
I just started a new game last night on hard.
I'm gonna have to start over. Platinum is mine!
Vip3r  +   2337d ago

Europe got something of actual interest before the US!?

Antan  +   2337d ago
You bought an Xbox  +   2337d ago
Ha Ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Fellow PS3 owners in America aint getting this Yet

Ha Ha


I'm American


Ha Ha
Prismo_Fillusion  +   2337d ago

I was all set to go buy the game on the way home from work. (I've been waiting for trophies to come out) Ah well, guess I'll have to wait until the 22nd.

Congrats Europe - you finally get something first!
fafoon  +   2337d ago
Just Finished the Game
Got em all
Damm i'm tired of being Good

Level 12
whatis  +   2337d ago
So how do you initiate the update?
Do I just start up the game while being signed into PSN?

That doesn't work for me. I'm in Australia but we usually get bunched in with Europe when it comes to these things (patches, demos etc).

*Edit* Forgot I have the NTSC version :@.
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WIIIS1  +   2337d ago
This calls for a celebration?
Agent Orange  +   2337d ago
where the hell is the US version?... lucky bastards...
sajj316  +   2337d ago
nice grab Europe! Can't wait for the American release ... juggle back and forth with PixelJunk Eden (great game)!
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