Why the BBC's GTA doc shows it doesn't get gamers

The Quit or Continue regulars talk about this weeks Grand Theft Auto docu-drama in their latest podcast. Did it fairly tackle the issues gamers face? Was the industry well represented? Did Jack Thompson come out of it looking almost human? Find out why the gang were left unimpressed.

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HereThereBeGamers1184d ago

SPOILERS - well, not really, but THAT ending was absolutely ridiculous. It was like it was trying to call out Houser as a thug. Terrible - no wonder he wasn't too happy.

Whole thing was spectacularly low budget too.

Kipster1184d ago

Some fun facts:

The film was set in New York, but was actually shot in South Africa.

Bill Paxton is the only actor to have been killed by a Terminator, Alien and Predator. Not Harry Potter though!

Likketysplit1184d ago

I can see why Rockstar hated it, but then they would, wouldn't they. I just wish the BBC had been bolder and tackled the censorship debate. The fact that these moral crusaders go after low hanging fruit like 'violent' games rather than thinking what actually causes violence in society - people. I did like Radcliffe's beard though.