Forza Motorsport 6 Review - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn: It's all about speed and control. Speed is that vital ingredient to racing games that has us coming back for more. Just how fast can we go and stay in control? Maintaining control of the car, holding a fragile grip on the road just long enough to hold the line around that corner is all that matters. Speed and control make every corner a fight, a neck-and-neck paint-trading tussle between you and your fear of flying off the track or braking too soon and losing ground on the chase and that all-important speed. Forza 6 nails speed and control.

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ape0071187d ago Show
3-4-51187d ago

Lowest score I've seen yet, which is good because 8/10 is still a good score.

t-hall7851187d ago

crazy part is the actual review gave it a 9...smh N4G smh


That is sad. Why is this site like this???

Rookie_Monster1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Wow, I have seen it all. A bogus score got approved and the only reason this review got any reply at all is the 8/10 score as it is in fact 9/10. Smh indeed. My neck is hurting from all them smh lately on here. Whoever approved this one should be ashamed of themselves.

3-4-51186d ago

Wait, so THIS site changed THAT reviewer's score ?

bggriffiths1186d ago

The score has always been a 9. On Dealspwn and n4g. I wrote the review and submitted it here.

bggriffiths1186d ago

The score has always been a 9. On Dealspwn and n4g. I wrote the review and submitted it here. Unless a mod changed it on here briefly, I've no idea what you guys are talking about

Rookie_Monster1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

It was indeed 8/10 when we commented on it. It seems like it was either submitted with a wrong score by accident and was corrected by the mod or like you say, someone purposely manipulated the score. But either way, glad it is fixed now.

Here is a screen capture of the 8/10 score earlier

danny8181187d ago

Just bought this game. It's great. It's my first sim. It's challenging but it's pretty addicting!

level 3601186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Just got my 1TB Forza bundle and have to say.. really impressed! Wow!

First off the game is super accessible as a very good sim-based racing game if you compare it with Project CARS. A huge jump in improvement over the last Forza game I owned ( Forza 4 on XBox360 ).

Physics is the TOPS! - the water puddles/splashes really works and gets you off-guard when driven over! - Loving the feedback from the control pads ( especially in braking - like anti-lock brakes ) - Reward system gives you a big boost of encouragement which is just addictive. - So many cars to choose and easy to acquire/win ( love the spin the prize system ). - Great tracks.

I give this game an 11 out of 10 for all of the above and most important grade = enjoyment factor.

ironwolf1186d ago

Yeah, obviously changed by someone with a jealousy and maturity problem.

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