PlayStation Exclusive Attack on Titan Could Come to Xbox One or PC if the Fans Demand it

Koei Tecmo’s Attack on Titan has been announced only for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita for the moment, but Arslan: The Warriors of Legend got a stray Xbox One version for the west, despite being exclusive on PlayStation in Japan. Could Attack on Titan get a similar treatment? It's actually possible.

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Eonjay1187d ago

if they have enough fans on other platforms, then why not. Now... don't have them go and port it and then not buy it.

Abriael1187d ago

I'm pretty confident this would sell at least decently even on a toaster.

Eonjay1187d ago

LOL yeah but does it blend :). I am absolutely in love with the movement and traversal in this game.

madmonkey011187d ago Show
donthate1187d ago

Not sure about that. There are huge swaths of anime fans, but anime games in general aren't that popular in the west.

We get a trickle....

AzubuEntus1187d ago

I'll be the small minority who will say I don't demand Attack on Titan. So no thanks for me. :)

A2X_1187d ago

Did you watch the anime? Do yourself a favor and watch it, it's amazing. Pretty sure you'll want to play the game after that ;)

A2X_1187d ago

A little scene from the anime: Sorry for the double post :)

Mystogan1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Attack On Titan is huge. Of course it has a fan base on Xbox and how in the hell is it not on PC? Which has probably a bigger fanbase than PS4. Koei Tecmo is just being incredibly stupid.

Automatic791187d ago

A game should never be dismissed no matter what platform. I am sure there are Xbox Fans who would love to get this game.

Imortus_san1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Not enought to make the game happen, I saw the trailer this does not look good, the anime is suberb.

Magicite1187d ago

PC is very possible, X1 - unlikely.

FlexLuger1187d ago

Sounds like more wishful thinking on your part, than anything with that comment.

Magicite1187d ago

More and more anime-oriented games are coming to Steam, meanwhile such games are nearly non-existent on X1. Its only logical.

poppinslops1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness is an xbox exclusive in Japan and the West - I'm definitely gonna buy it... and I'd almost-certainly get this 'Attack on Titan' game too.

BG115791187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Seriously, who bought a Xbone to play Japanese games ?
With MS dropping japan out the objective, does someone really believes in the adaptation of this game on the plateform...

FlexLuger1187d ago

"Seriously, who bought a Xbone to play Japanese games ? "

I bought an XB1 to play games. I dont care what region they come from. Your comment sound silly.

Magicite1187d ago

Give a it some time and X1 will be discounted in Japan and gonna lose any support it had.
Right now X1 is selling in Japan just like X360 was selling in early 2014, its 8th year!

TwoForce1187d ago

@FlexLuger So you don't care other regions ? Are you seriously ? Japanese games are very important as well as the other region. The Xbox One sales very terrible in japan and worse than 360. That's because microsoft tried to convince JP to buy western game but failed. You don't have knowledge of japanese gamer, There some exclusive JP games on Xbox 360 but it didn't end well. Don't tell me that you don't care about Japanese market, because it does and always matter. Your comment is so goddamn stupid. About Scalebound, yeah it looks great, but it way too much western. I will buy Scalebound when it's out. You know why ? Because it Plantium Games. You need a goddamn knowledge before try to be show up.

FlexLuger1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

"So you don't care other regions ? Are you seriously ? Japanese games are very important as well as the other region."

I said I dont care what region my games come from...meaning I dont care where they come from as long as they are good games. How did that escape your attention.? How did you read...whatever you came to out of my post? your a nut job, mate. Pathetic.I ignored the rest of your waffle past the first sentence because clearly you did not read what I said properly. Get good at comprehension...then respond to me. Is english your second language or something?


It amazes how hard you troll these kinds of articles and have so many bubbles. Have you, no shame? You cant be like this your whole life you know? How long you been keeping up these antics, now?...dimitri.... I know you well cupcake. Catch up next time, yeah?

BG115791186d ago

@Flexluger So how many JRPG are you expecting to play on Xbone ?

poppinslops1186d ago

I reckon Scalebound, Final Fantasy XV and Psycho-Pass all look pretty cool... also, Experience Inc just announced they're making 2 JRPGs exclusively for XO, though I don't think they've given many details.

BG115791186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

@poppinslops Scalebound is not a Jrpg, just an game with J-influences.
Psycho-pass is not a Jrpg, it's a graphical novel. And it's also coming to other platerform... It's not an exclusive.
FFXV is not an exclusive, and looks to be running better on other platforms.
And what are those two others RPGs that are you talking about? Because looking at the general direction of Xbone's exclusives, they will be the only Jrpg that the xbone will have in some time.

When do you think you'll be able to play a game like FFXIV on the Xbone?

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Bigpappy1187d ago

I don't see it coming over to Xbox and I doubt PC fans demanding it will be the reason it goes to PC. The fact is there are plenty of games on all the systems to play, and this game would have to stand out in some huge way to attract enough people to make them want to be bothered with a petition. No one really knows what it game is about as it is a new IP with zero advertising.

If he wants to release it on those other platforms he will, but I don't see why a petition would happen, especially around this time of the year.

Zero1091186d ago

"don't have them go and port it and then not buy it."

That's only if they make a quality port. Locking framerate, lacking visuals, wrong button prompts, missing effects and etc. They're known for their terrible PC ports.

I have yet to buy One Piece PW3 due to this very reason and I won't support mediocrity. We're paying $60 just like everyone else.

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user99502791187d ago

Damn I had no idea what this is but after taking a peek it looks like they have done some really awesome stuff with traversal and combat. Graphically it looks like Majoras Mask, but the gameplay seems cool.

Though chances of me buying it on any of my consoles for anything above $20 is pretty much nill.... if that answers their question.

raWfodog1187d ago

Why not? The more, the merrier.

We need more exposure for these games so that the developers can continue to bring them to the West.

AizenSosuke1187d ago

True but I think More ppl would prefer it on PS4 then Xbox sadly to say.

nix1187d ago

i'm surprised why people are disagreeing with you. PS gamers in general are more of the types who will go for these kind of games.

AizenSosuke1187d ago


Ikr sadly I am being honest and realistic I'm not trying to promote fanboyism on any platform but When I have something to say I will say it.

donthate1187d ago

Xbox gamers don't care enough about anime inspired games or heck Japanese type games in general. Those are on Playstation and on Wii U or DS.

In short, they don't care. In fact, even on Playstation the interest is declining for this type of games.

Japan as a games industry exporting their wares is dying and loosing relevance with every day rapidly. I hope another asian community springs up to take its place.

raWfodog1187d ago

I haven't agreed or disagreed with your statement but I think your disagrees may be because of how you phrased your statement.

Some may hear you say "more people would prefer it on PS4 than Xbox" and think it implies a love for a specific console rather than a love for gaming. If you really loved just playing games you wouldn't really care about the platform.

But what I think you're really trying to say is that generally more PS4 gamers would enjoy this type of game over Xbox One gamers. That may be generally true from an overall view but I also think there are a good number of Xbox gamers who aren't just into shooters and racing games.

donthate1186d ago


That is what I am saying.

If you like anime type games or in general Japanese type games, you would gravitate towards the Playstation, or Wii U before you try Xbox.

Japan produces these games mostly for their local market, and their local market only want Japanese made consoles or platforms, so this isn't a surprise. So people that like this, gets drawn to these platforms.

That said, it is also a dying market, and Japanese games in general are stale and haven't change in a decade. Many of their premier developers and studios are moving over to mobile so we are getting a slower and slower trickle of games from Japan.

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AizenSosuke1187d ago

That's cool but most likely it's going to be PC version then Xbox ONE I'm being honest here not offending anyone here though.

jon_snow1187d ago

Exactly, and also being PS exclusive give it that added word of mouth which will help in sale. So remaining an exclusive and later releasing on pc will benefit then outright being multiplatform.

1187d ago
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